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  • An early CA4WDC membership booth displayCal4wheel was formed in 1959 by some four-wheelers who were getting tired of their trails being closed. They also wanted to host good quality events for their fellow four-wheelers, and to provide education in safe four-wheeling practices and trail conservation. Fast forward 50+ years and the battles are the same. The desire to play on public lands is as strong as ever, and more people than ever before have some form of off-road vehicle. Our opponents have also been busy those 50+ years and are just as strong now as they were in 1959.

    The bottom line: We need your help. We need your dollars to fight the legal battles. We need your time to help with events, committees and access issues. Dues are still only $45, which amounts to less than $4 per month for the benefits that we provide.

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High Rock Trekkers celebrate 20th Lassen-Applegate event

Four-wheel drive owners invited to relive early pioneer wagon trail adventures

As early as the 1840’s, farmers and gold seekers loaded their possessions, a few women, children, dogs and cats in covered wagons and began what would become an arduous journey toward the Pacific Ocean. The trickle of emigrants beginning in 1841 would turn into hordes of dreamers after the discovery of gold in California in 1848. The overland emigrant trek would take five to six months crossing mountains, deserts, rivers, and some of the most hostile country in the world.

Now SUV and other four-wheel drive owners can relive the gold rush era as they travel the famous Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail, marveling as such sights as the beautiful Black Rock Desert, the majestic High Rock Canyon, Double Hot Springs, Soldier Meadows and so much more.


Convention Vehicle Show

convention-show-white-truckBring your rig to convention and show it off! Registration is only $10.

Show time is scheduled for 10:00am - 3:00pm
Awards to be given at 2:00pm

Voted on by participants:

  • People's Choice - this is the one you want in your garage
  • Best 4x4 - can be from any category must have 4 wheel drive
  • Best non4x4 - can be from any category no 4 wheel drive

Judged - All Categories "BEST"
Street legal

  • Full size 4X4
  • Short wheelbase 4X4

2wheel drive

  • Pre- 1970
  • 1970 and newer

Green Sticker

  • Buggy


  • Ugliest
  • Trail Ready - vehicle prep, spare equipment
  • Slowest - how slow can a vehicle go at idle (no brakes) over a measured distance

For more information contact Dave Douglas at (916) 783-4678.

Panamint Valley Days

November 7-9, 2014 | Near Trona
Register Online | Download Registration

By Dave Henry

In my last article, which seems like it was just a couple of days ago, I talked about some of the runs. This article I will try to give a brief description of a few more. Darwin Falls is an all-vehicle run down an easy dirt road to a small parking lot. From there it's about a 30-minute easy hike up to the waterfall. Unlike most of the falls in the area, this has real water. Be sure to wear good shoes or boots as you will have to go over some slippery rocks and cross the stream a couple of times to get to the falls.

We also have the full Darwin run that continues from the parking lot on up to China Gardens. This is a great place for lunch. You can sit under the Cottonwoods, have lunch, and watch the big Goldfish in the pond. There is also an old mill site there to occupy some of your time. From China Gardens, it's back to the road and on up to the town of Darwin. Darwin, like Johannesburg, is best described as a living ghost town.

The Isham Canyon run will be available on Friday and Saturday, as well as a Friday night run. Isham is limited to 20 vehicles that are locked front and rear, have a working winch, and minimum 33" tires. Although the run has been changed, vehicles with a long wheelbase and a hard top MUST BE AWARE that body damage is possible. All participants on this run are expected to help each other.

We will also be offering the Full Defense Mine run, which is limited to the first 40 vehicles that sign up. This run is so popular that in past events, we have had to an early bird run and followed that up with a later run. Either way, there are some difficult spots and stock vehicles could suffer body damage. Stock SUVs are not recommended for this run.

This run follows the Minietta Mine Road and two side canyons on its way to Stone Canyon until its closure at waterfall #1. This trail provides several rocky and scenic miles with optional challenges along the way. Zero Fall and Cummins Cutoff are two of the obstacles on this run that will test your ability. Once at the top, you have the option to take a guided mine tour of this old Tungsten Mine. Be sure to bring flashlights and please keep hold of small children at all times, as there are many ore chutes in the mine. Mine exploration is at your own risk. This mine has multi-levels, and if you choose to explore it all, it requires climbing several well built wooden ladders that bring you out about 200? above where you originally went in.

We also offer an express run to the Defense mine, which bypasses the canyons and take a direct route to the mine. This run is also limited to the first 40 vehicles to sign up. Stock SUVs are not recommended on this run. This run gives you plenty of time to explore the mine and run across the canyon to explore the ruins of Lookout City.

Panamint is a great place to take a staycation! It?s relatively close to L.A./O.C. and has hundreds, if not thousands, of places to explore. The nearby town of Trona is more than a wide spot in the road. How many small towns like Trona have four museums? That's right, there are four museums in Trona. There is the History House, the Trona Railway Museum and Caboose, the Argus Fire Station, where they are refurbishing a 1924 Stutz, and they have a 1938 Ahrens that is used in parades. To add one more, they also have the Guest House Museum. More info on these and other places of interest will be in your registration program.

Ham Radio

Ham Radio operators:

The Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society is providing communications support for Operation Desert Fun.

Use 146.550 simplex or 146.670 - 103.5PL repeater

Contact "Net Control" on the above frequencies before your run departs and in an emergency.

ODF Runs


Note: Run information is a sample only. Actual run choices will vary.

tds-odf-250We have several diverse trails for you to explore on your visit to our beautiful desert. Whether you decide to “Knock on Wood,” or try to “Squeeze” through, your day will be packed with adventure! The flash floods left their mark on the landscape again this year, and we ask that everyone be careful as well as respectful of the terrain. Please  leave nothing behind but tire tracks, and haul out what you haul in. We would also like to remind you that this is a family event, so watch out for exuberant kids, and try to keep the CB chatter clean! Each run has been given a color. Each run will have a flag that color at the place where you will line up on Saturday morning. These colors have nothing to do with the difficulty of the run. They are only meant to help you find the starting point for the run you have selected.  The Trail Boss and crew will fly the color of the run they are working so you can keep track of them throughout the day.

Start times and details subject to change. Please check the run boards before signing up.

KNOCK ON WOOD - Orange Flag
This run leads to a narrow rock canyon over at Superstition Mountains. At least one locker required and at least 33" tires. Tow point each end. Due to some tight areas and turns, long wheelbase vehicles not recommended. Body damage and mechanical breakage is very possible. This trail is for experienced drivers who don’t mind a little “vehicle modification” from surrounding rocks and brush!

  • Time permitting, we will run a second trail.
  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.
  • Trail Boss: Joe Holden - Tierra Del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club

We will take you to an area that has a large concentration of sandstone globules that resemble a pumpkin patch. Along the way there will be driving in deep sand, rocky hill climbs, and winding, twisting trails with some off-camber sections along with a drop off or two. Bypasses are available for most of the more challenging sections. There are lots of strange rock formations and erosion patterns throughout the trail. Run time 4 to 5 hours. Open to all 4 wheel drive vehicles.

  • Start time: 9:15 a.m.                                                                             
  • Trail Boss: Eric Dahl - On the Edge 4WDC

THE SLOT - Purple Flag
Open to all 4-wheelers. A family run, with places to go and people to see. The route is a follow-the-leader run that features alternate, color-coded spur routes to challenge the most experienced wheeler. Expect to be returning to camp by 3 p.m.

  • Drivers’ Meeting: 8:45 a.m.
  • Start time: 9 a.m. SHARP!!!!!
  • Trail Boss: Curtis Grinnell - San Diego Outbacks 4X4 Club

The Trail Boss will choose trails based on the capability of the rigs that sign up. The twist is that to drive this run, you either have to be female, or DRESS LIKE ONE! We will have a brief contest before the raffle on Saturday night to judge certain drivers to see who truly is the “Ugliest Broad in the Desert”!! [WARNING: Those with weak constitutions, or strong morals might want to miss this part of the festivities...]

  • Start time: 10 a.m.
  • Trail Boss: Mark Geletzke - Geared 4 Fun 4WDC

THE SQUEEZE - Yellow Flag
Highway run to Pinyon Mountain where you will go through The Squeeze, known for its ability to snag fenders. We will continue down Heart-Attack Hill, a very steep, slippery and rocky decent. We then continue through Fish Creek and out Split Mountain. This is a fun run, but definitely not for those concerned with paint or body damage. There are NO by-passes! One locker is recommended, wide-bodied vehicles not recommended, body damage possible.

  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.
  • Trail Boss: Mark Chiesman - San Diego 4 Wheelers

Moderate challenging run thru sand dunes, mud hills, and rocky trails in an area less traveled. Suitable for mildly modified vehicles with some extra clearance, larger tires (31+) and one locker. Some minor damage possible. Beginning and end of ride will be on highway roads. No facilities so bring plenty of water and lunch for a picnic on the trail. May also take in some great nearby vista sights if time permits.

  • Start time: 8:15 a.m.
  • Trail Boss: Duane Hartle - Geared 4 Fun 4WDC


To start the day off we will be offering a kids’ ride on trails around the Main St. area that should last an hour or so. Parents are welcome to join.

At the conclusion of the kids’ ride we will hold the MC/ATV runs. These runs will visit notable sights such as Pumpkin Patch, Gas Domes, and Artesian Well. We will use a variety of trails and roads to access these areas as well as some technical trials. We will separate into groups based on vehicle and rider ability to ensure all have a great time. Please see sign up sheets for start times and location. Rides led by the Ocotillo Anytimers.

ODF Games

Games & Other Fun Stuff

Note: This information is from previous events and is provided for informational purposes only.

Friday night “Fun Card Stop” Run
At 7 p.m. on Friday, stop by the run description boards to pick up the map and the paper you will use to make your “game” hand. Visit each of the “Card” Stops and do whatever each hosting club requires of you to get your card! Each Stop will mark your paper with the card you chose. At the bottom of your paper you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite “Card” Stop. This game is open to all vehicles. A prize will be awarded to the winner with the best “card” hand, and a trophy will be given to the club with the “Card” Stop that gets the most votes. Oh yeah, one more thing. The Ocotillo Anytimers will be on motorcycles as a Bonus Stop. If you want one more chance at a good hand, find them - if you can…..

  • Woman in charge – Shelly Dunn - Geared 4 Fun 4 Wheel Drive Club
  • [EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may hold the card run in main camp. Instead of driving around the desert, you might have to hoof it around main camp! Details to be posted when you check in at registration. Maybe we will call it the “Get Some Exercise” Run!!!]

Friday night “real” 50/50 “Card” Run
While the Fun “Card” Run is going on, we will also offer a $5 donation per hand “card” run.  Come to registration to buy your “Card” Hand(s). Follow the same map that you received for the Fun “Card” Run. For a $5 donation (per hand) you have a chance to win half of the proceeds from the sales/donations of “game” hands! The PVA will receive the other half of the proceeds. This game is open to all vehicles.

Scott Clark competes in the ugly contest

“Ugliest Broad in the Desert”
The Powder Puff Run is back by popular demand. To drive on this run you have to be female or dress like one! Before the raffle starts on Saturday night, each “lady” will have a chance to strut “her” stuff for the judges. (It’s getting harder and harder to find folks willing to judge this contest. We don’t offer any compensation for the therapy they wind up needing afterwards!) Last year we had some actual women drivers, and they had a great time. We have a first-time “lady” leader this year—Mark Geletzke. I guess Scott can hang up his curlers this year!


Saturday Fun Run
We are bringing back the Fun Run this year. On Saturday afternoon, a Trail Boss will lead the group through a scenic loop. At various points on the trail, you will stop to take a challenge. Each person will do the challenge, the volunteer will log each score, and the group will move on to the next stop. The person with the best score will receive a prize. All vehicles are welcome to take part in this Sunday-drive run.

  • Woody Glass and Lorrac Craig are running this show.

RC rock crawlers at ODFRC Truck Challenge
After you get back from your run/ride on Saturday, stop by main camp with your RC monster. We will have a mini rock crawl set up for those of you with radio controlled vehicles up to the challenge.

  • Big kid with the kool toys - Scott Bradley - Geared 4 Fun 4WDC


  • Club Events
    Information about four-wheel drive events hosted by our association clubs.

Membership Chairs

North District
Troy McClintock
Central District
South District
Terry Dean
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