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  • Forest Service proposing seasonal closure on Deer Valley Trail

    In the US Forest Service's current proposal for Deer Valley (in the Eldorado National Forest) they are calling for a Seasonal CLOSURE from January 1 to  July 31, 2015 for the Yosemite Toad.

    We need to question why they need this seasonal closure until July 31st.

    We support all of the maintenance work and trail reroutes needed to bring this trail into compliance, but question the Seasonal Closure until July 31.

    What we need you to do:

    1. Download the proposed plan so that you are familiar with the proposal.
    2. Email your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by December 3rd.
  • Frogs & toads to be listed as endangered

    CA4WDC issues position statement on ESA Listing of Yellow-legged Frog and Yosemite Toad

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that the Final Rule for listing of the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog and the Northern Distinct Population Segment of the mountain yellow-legged frog as Endangered Species and the Yosemite toad as a Threatened Species is pending publication in the April 29, 2014 edition of the Federal Register.

    Background:  The current listing effort is the result of a lawsuit settlement between the USFWS and Center for Biological Diversity.

    The frogs and toads have been on U.S. Forest Service "species of concern" list for more than 14 years.  As such, they were addressed in the 2000 Sierra Nevada Framework (SNF) with defined management prescriptions as if they were formally listed species.  As such, grazing, logging and recreation activities have lived under the SNF prescriptions which treated the species as listed on the Threatened and Endangered Species List.

    This means that when U.S. Forest Service travel management was conducted, the SNF was one of the tiered documents reviewed to determine impact of designating the route.  As such, USFS routes can be (or should be) considered to be in compliance with ESA listing.

    Note, I said "should be" considered in compliance.