Surrender Yer Booty at the Niagara Rim Poker Run

Ahoy ye land lubbers. Once again it's time to check the rigging, batten down the hatches, and make shipshape. The season is upon us to pillage and plunder. The letters of Marque have been issued; pieces of eight await those that are savvy to set sail and plow the bounty main.

Blimey, July 11 is not far off; mark ye calendars for the 24th Niagara Rim poker run. Last year’s Hawaiian theme was such a great hit; pirate antics will be the order of the day for this year’s event. Hosted by 4x4inMotion; July 11th in the year of our Lord 2015 will be the weekend to blow the man down. So; don your garb and join us for a weekend of Yo Ho Ho. As per past rituals; Friday night will start the event with the pirate social; grub and grog. Those buckos attending in pirate garb might win a prize. Meet and greet fellow buccaneers; spin tall tales but watch the sails. No three sheets to the wind; ye old sea dogs.


Take a ride back in time on the Lassen-Applegate trail

High Rock Trekkers lead this run on July 17-20

Wagons Ho! Just imagine a sport utility vehicle (SUV) trek for the entire family that traces the same route used by 8,000 early pioneers in more than 1,500 covered wagons from 1849 to 1852 that brought a flood of immigrants to California… most of whom had the Gold Rush fever. The overland emigrant trip would take five to six months crossing mountains, deserts, rivers, and some of the most hostile country in the world.

SUV and other four-wheel drive owners can now relive the gold rush era as they travel the famous Lassen-Applegate Emigrant Trail, marveling as such sights as the beautiful Black Rock Desert, the majestic High Rock Canyon, Double Hot Springs, Soldier Meadows and so much more.


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