Panamint Valley Days

November 11-13, 2016 | Near Trona & Ballarat, CA
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By Andy Cunningham

We're celebrating 30 years of having fun in the Panamints with all your friends and family; all those great sunrises and sunsets. All those flyovers, the rain, the snow, and W, the great starfield at night, really seeing the Milky Way. All this makes Panamint Valley Days so fun and great to spend time with all your friends and family.

ALL THE GREAT MEMORIES:   Stone Canyon, and the stone face in Stone Canyon, Lemoigne Canyon and the Cabin, Tuber Canyon, Happy Canyon, Hall Canyon, the historical runs to the Charcoal Kilns and the run to Skidoo, breaking in of Isham Canyon, Surprise Canyon and winching up Surprise Canyon's waterfalls in the water, and spending the night at the site of Panamint City.       

The Food: Ruff Rock Run Café – the deep pit BBQ cooked meat, the omelets and the eggs cooked to order - and the coffee every morning (for 18 years) and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE AT THE RAFFLE !!

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Getting There