Should we include UTV's/Side-by-Sides in Cal4

4 years 7 months ago #262 by suzy2
My iPhone changed UTV's to UTC's. They are also known as side-by-sides.

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4 years 7 months ago #264 by JohnB
I agree Suzy, that many users have an apathy to closure until it affects them.
I wish I had the million dollar answer on how to get them to join prior to the gates going up in their area!
If you look at those that are involved, they got that way because of closure in their areas.
The UTV group is pretty new to the whole land use arena, and are not as organized in my view. We don't have one, so not sure if they have their own user groups that help with land use other than BlueRibbon Coaltion.

At High Sierra, I will get some info to take to the local OHV shop and try and get them to support Cal4 and BRC for the buyers of new UTV's and ATV's.

We as an organization might need to contact the shops that sell UTV's and ATV's and provide information about Cal4 and the fights we have for access across the state.

Might be time to put a team together with the membership chairs to focus on increasing membership. Steve Egbert has ideas also, and I have provided a marketing plan to some members of the BOD. I would hope that it has been shared with everyone for comments. I am open to ideas and comments on it from the BOD on its contents.


Todd Ockert
Cal4Wheel Life member.
BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member.

Hanford Trail Busters club secretary.

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