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4 years 10 months ago #86 by stckbrgr
There is an apparent rift between the South & North Districts and as a result several So Cal Clubs are not renewing memberships into Cal4Wheel. With renewed focus on membership I'm curious what is being done to heal the tension and bring unity to Cal4Wheel.

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4 years 10 months ago #88 by President CA4WDC
There is no rift between the districts, there is a rift between individuals who have tried to make is a north versus south war. The leadership of the south has resigned over the reaction to the former Vice President's cancellation of High Desert Roundup fundraiser. To restore the Association's Southern District leadership thee will be an election May 17 in Ontario. New leadership committed to southern clubs and interests will begin the healing

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4 years 9 months ago #97 by DennisDawg
I would respectfully say that if the President believes the clubs have left CA4WDC simply over disagreements concerning High Desert Roundup 2012, then at best he has seriously underestimated the scope of the issues at hand and this error may further exacerbate the problems in CA4WDC.

A realistic, open and honest approach to the issues might still save a few clubs and memberships.

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4 years 9 months ago #101 by Bauer
Get your head out of the sand... when half dozen southern clubs are checking out of CA4Wheel and affiliating with CORVA, that constitutes a rift. You absolutely know the issues go deeper than your previous response. The Baker's have been active statewide for well over 30 years.... you and your cronies are the new kids on the block ... if you cared about the loss of membership, you would be doing more than minimizing the problem to those who don't know what is going on or why. It goes well beyond the Hi Desert Roundout issue. Remember my correspondence to the board after your first failed attempt at expulsion of the Bakers??
Remember my fellow 4 wheeler: "The buck stops at the top, Mr. President". A real failure to lead!

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4 years 9 months ago #103 by JohnB
Someone should ask the Bakers why they cancelled High Desert, and then promoted a seperate wheeling event in about the same location?
What was their motivation for doing this?


Todd Ockert
Cal4Wheel Life member.
BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member.

Hanford Trail Busters club secretary.

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4 years 9 months ago #104 by Bauer
Didn't happen that way.......maybe you ask the Baker's yourelf...their email is no secret... but in case you are not inclined to do so: I and a few club members who chose not to attend HDR, spent a nice quiet weekend with friends and relatives ... no more no less ..... if that is an issue for the Bakers or me or anyone else, then go point fingers at a thousand or more So. District members, club or individual, who also did not attend for personal or other reasons. But since you bring their commitment to HDR, take a look at the Baker sanctions that effectively render their life membership valueless. You wont read any of this in IN GEAR or in any "sanctioned press release" from the BOD - just from big mouth Val Henry, the BOD mouth piece from the South: a.can't attend BOD meetings or convention for 7 years(hoping they will be dead by them Mark?)
b. can have no contact with the office-mail, email, phone, or in person( hey Mark, what if they want to order a decal or tee shirt?.. does that count as a prohibited contact?) c. can't say anything negative about the association(say what?.... if they say that communication is suffering because of bi-monthly In Gear, is that a negative? oh my... someone already complained about that!... and guess what? It is now available in monthly on line.
d. can only have contact with the So District VP thru a 3rd party(so let's see, they go to a So District meeting but have to remain input or questions ..........say Joe....does Harry scare you and the rest of the So District officers? Can't handle basic inquiries from ALL of the membership in attendance?
and the best one of all........ if they violate any of these and whatever I missed, they "VOLUNTARILY forfeit their membership in Cal4Wheel......hey BOD WTF does that mean? Some sort of honor code? Harry & Helen.... I am watching you... almost caught you saying something negative over Memorial Day weekend at the family outing... but darned if you didn't just bite your tongue! Will call Mark and rat you out if you make even a small slip.. careful dude
BOD Bite ME!

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