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4 years 7 months ago #148 by DennisDawg

Jeep1 wrote: It would seem as if no one is listening, are any board members monitoring this forum, if so, why don't they respond? Perhaps they are responding privately to the posts?

I am not aware of them doing so. The problems have never been in In Gear either, so on the whole, the members do not know of the budget issues, the loss of members and all of that. Very few are involved in Facebook or on this forum to learn more. CA4WDC has failed to bring the members into well-defined modes of communication and create a large single team.

Jeep1 wrote: DennisDawg you mention divorce. Have you heard the old saying, "Do you know why divorce is expensive? Because it's worth it."

It is interesting because that same saying was allegedly used in early May of this year in an e-mail by a very high ranking member of the BOD in a reply to an individual who is both a contractor and CA4WDC member in regard to posts made by departing clubs on Facebook. The BOD member who allegedly wrote that did not even contain the disdain they have for the clubs to just the BOD!

My personal request for that member of the BOD to resign received no reply.

Jeep1 wrote: Is it possible that the board is happy that these clubs have left and are willing to sustain the loss of revenue, so that they don't have to deal with people who ask questions? If that's the case, then they must have a plan to replace the money and the volunteers they are losing? Mustn't they?

I would hate to think that an organization would want to shrink and go in the red financially just to avoid having people question their direction. But, the alleged “divorce” comment is telling. I can also say from my own experience that our club had a long period of time to decide to stay or leave. Our club was one of the quite ones for much of our time in CA4WDC, not a trouble causer as some clubs and people have been allegedly painted. We paid our dues and believed CA4WDC was doing the right thing. During that decision making time, at least one very high ranking member of the BOD knew we were considering our options. I also believe at least two others knew as well. No one ever asked why or what could be done to keep us in CA4WDC.

My letter to the BOD to inform them of our departure received no reply.

It would be easy to read into that indifference a more negative conspiracy, or a more sad incompetence. I do not know.

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4 years 7 months ago #149 by JohnB
The next convention will be upon us soon. I am sure we will see some new leadership on the BOD. Lets hope that the clubs that left will return at that time.

I understand that you tried to fix the issues prior to the Bakers being sent away. But remain the squeeky wheel and I am sure you will get something resolved.

I have not seen the new budget, but will get a copy to look at. I am working on a marketing plan for Cal4, and will hope to get at least parts of it implemented over the next year. We need membership to keep the finances in balance, but also keep the events running, as a good portion of the budget comes from the events.
We might need to add some smaller events to help the budget over the next year or two. I know of some small events in the local area here that no longer happen. If we were to apply for the permit, we could help out with the budget issues.
I think we also need to get more business support over the next couple of years to help the association.

Work needs to be done to help the association remain viable in the coming years and work to keep our trails open.

So, in the end we need to move on, and put the issues behind us and all get along.


Todd Ockert
Cal4Wheel Life member.
BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member.

Hanford Trail Busters club secretary.

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4 years 7 months ago #151 by DennisDawg
Even changing the current BOD will not solve the issues and it is also possible that, with the current BOD coming under fire, quality new people will possibly be less inclined to jump into the breach. Without the proper skill set, the new people may be unable to resolve issues this BOD is making and realign CA4WDC to its intended purposes.

I believe in general, this is already the case.

The current BOD needs to make a statement now, a bold one. Certain members need let go, to step down and let CA4WDC make change happen now! Today and send a message that they put CA4WDC above their ego and help bring in better quality replacements even if they need to beg!

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4 years 7 months ago #170 by h2oskiin
You are right I do not monitor these forums. I have an email address that any one of you could send to, but you chose not to. If you want answers in the South come to the district meeting. I will answer any questions you want face to face, but I will not answer people from behind a screen. Many of you that have posted are not exactly telling the truth because I have personnaly responded to many of you. I have answered every email I have received, and never once did I not respond to any question asked. Did the South lose a lot of clubs. Yes 22% to be exact. If you want more answers show up to the meeting, or email me direct, but do not hide behind a screen name.
Kerrie Graham
South District Sec/Treasurer

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4 years 7 months ago #177 by JohnB

At this point, I am not after answers, as what has been done, is done. We as an association needs to move on and put this issue behind us.
Emails are fine, but they are not transparent as some people would like. I would not take an email from you, or any of the people on the Central District BOD and post it here. I would give them permission to do so, but not my place to do the same.

I think an article needs to be written by the BOD and put in the In Gear for all to read.
Other things will need to be done to help the association move on, and cover the lose of membership in the coming months.


Todd Ockert
Cal4Wheel Life member.
BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member.

Hanford Trail Busters club secretary.

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4 years 7 months ago #180 by h2oskiin
Some of us on the BOD have made the same requests. We have asked to have things posted on the forum, or put on the online Ingear, or printed in the In gear but so far nothing. Trust me it has been a fight and I have lost every time as has Joe.

Why focus on solely new members? Do you realize that you are going to need to get about 200 to 300 new members to replace those we have lost. They haven't gotten that many new members in the past 5 years. For every new member we gain, we loss 1 to 2 members, this has been going on for years.

While getting new members would be nice, I would prefer to focus on bringing back those that we have lost. Something this current BOD is not willing to do. They prefer to just let them walk away and that is very frustrating. I suggested they move the August BOD meeting to the South District, let these clubs who have left talk to them face to face. Address their issues and concerns, but so far no replies.
We have lost people who have been with the Associaction for over 25 years, they are extremely valuable assets that we can not afford to let go. I will do everything I can to get them back, and if the other BOD members arent happy with that so be it.
Until you know why these clubs and members have left then you can only speculate as to why they did.
You should want answers because the ones you have gotten so far are wrong that much is obvious

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