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4 years 9 months ago #106 by DennisDawg

Navy-Jeepster wrote: Someone should ask the Bakers why they cancelled High Desert, and then promoted a seperate wheeling event in about the same location?
What was their motivation for doing this?

Even if that were true, little of it matters now. It has little to do with why members and whole clubs are leaving CA4WDC. The impact of the lost membership dues and lower event participation on CA4WDC may be significant. The leadership that has allowed this to happen over the last 12 to 15 months could have averted the disaster many times, but didn’t and still is not so far as I know.

The possible focus on “sanctions,” confidentiality, blame and censorship has limited communication and created resentment, when the focus should have been on open communication and team building. There is still time to make a change and reduce the impact, but that window is growing ever smaller and can only come when the clubs in the north and central districts demand major change that will impact the south in a more positive way while still addressing the needs of CA4WDC on the whole.

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4 years 9 months ago #109 by Bauer
Dennis Dawg ... you are spot on... the problem is that what you suggest was the call made to leadership from the get go... the leadership mentality persists with a "we are right and we will prove it",at the expense of the association self-destructing ...... can just see the "close everything" lobby grinning like Smokey the Bear after stamping out a forest fire, and saying, "look at those poor bastards fighting our land closure war for us!!!!

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4 years 9 months ago #110 by Bauer
For those who want to preserve Cal4Wheel.... it is way overdue for the past presidents, our elder statesmen - those who successfully navigated the political and geographic differences - to drop a tail whupping on this current bunch ..... call a general meeting of the membership and help identify leaders who are uniters instead of dividers .....lord knows we have one of those in the White House...
Cal4Wheel is better than that

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4 years 9 months ago #111 by DennisDawg
I tend to agree . . .

I think at some point the North and Central Districts have to look at where CA4WDC will be without a viable South District, without the revenue at the very least. Would CA4WDC be able to maintain as a viable statewide organization? If not, then all of the members need to consider demanding change, open communication and couple that with fiscal responsibility so that the bulk of CA4WDC funding goes directly to the fight, rather than what may be going to administrative costs, travel, staff and contractors. It is not a regional issue, but one all three district members need to solve vocally.

The solution set for CA4WDC does exist. However, recent history indicates that in general those solutions are not coming from the BOD who may not have the skill set needed. The door must be opened to the membership where the inherent diversity of the group may allow for the harvesting of expertise that can be directly applied to specific problems. Again, this required open and honest communication and that is the first “problem” that needs to be addressed for CA4WDC retain memberships and revenue in 2012/2013.

Time for that is running out very fast as I see it. Some of the very best, most active folks and clubs are already gone.

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4 years 8 months ago #119 by rockjeep
We as members and the clubs that have left are not leaving the sport. Were also not stopping our fight to keep our sport. What we are doing is moving to a different organization that wants us and has great leadership. Mark Cave you are responcable for this mass exidist and you know it. You refuse to accept blame and point fingers at others. Cal 4 wheel fill fail under your command. Corva is growing fast with all these new members and clubs. The clubs and members that did tons of things for the south dist. So quit saying that were hurting the " effort to save our sport" when we just choose to do it without you.

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4 years 8 months ago #120 by Bauer
Thanks rockjeep for being another reasonable south district voice of reason...... dennisdawg called it right on when he doubted that the current BOD possessed the skill set to dig their way out of the current state of affairs..... these global thinkers have torn up a 50 year organizational history beginning last year when their focus shifted from the sport and related land use issues to ridding themselves of the Bakers. Talk about missing the forest for the trees!!!!!!!

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