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New Hi Desert Round-Up location is success

Hi-Desert Roundup changed its location to the Slash X Café/RV site off the 247 just South of Barstow about 15 miles!! What a great spot for the event. We had such great participation and good words of the site we had obtained for the 44th Hi-Desert Roundup.

You are in close location to the Pumpkin Eater Trail and Achy Breaky and three or four more I can't recall right now!!

The weather (W) even co-operated and didn't blow us off our seats!! We did have a couple dust devils that threw Steve Gardner's two EZ-ups over some trees and the one Angela Cook and I were using for the raffle took off and landed on Keith Graham's company truck???

We had 149 paid registrations -- up 50 from last year!! And Genright jumped in and made the raffle a huge success!!! Thanks so much guys!!

I decided to be Raffle Chairman at the April South District meeting. The only reason being if I didn't do it who would??? I am way tooooo old for all this responsibility and excitement! I asked Angela Cook if she would go with me to obtain the Kids Raffle gifts (since she is a kid ). I wish you could have seen that... she had to pull every trigger on the squirt guns to make sure they would be alright. I think she kept us in Target for two hours. All joking aside.

I would have been really stressed out if she hadn't come to my rescue.

I am part of the Hemet Jeep Club (oldest in the US); our club has been doing the Tortoise Crawl (Turtle Race) for many years. The past two or three years we have put on a moderate trail run on Saturday and the Tortoise Crawl on Sunday. Our club showed up in force and pulled off the two events. Having 47 Jeeps for the Achy No Breaky trail on Saturday. Believe it or not we had not a single flat tire or break down!!! Can't remember that ever happening.

Next year they are planning to have a BBQ Saturday night and really get this event going again.

The camp area is fenced and flat. One drawback is no ground fires. Must have a tub above ground. When I awoke on Monday a.m. I saw the remains of two ground fires!! As usual it only takes one or two to mess it up for the rest of us. But there are no motorcycles haulin' butt through your camp... REALLY A PLUS for me.

I would like to thank Jesse May family and Keith Graham and Sandy!!!! Those folks put this event on with hardly no help!!! My hat is off to the both of you guys. I want to thank Joyce and Angela Cook (Chairman of Operation Desert Fun), without the two of you I would have been lost. As it was I didn't know what I was supposed to do or not do... but live and learn.

There are many more trails they need leaders for and there are always run for more games! I would like to thank all the clubs that stepped up with raffle prizes and that came out to participate for the weekend. Once again thanks to Angela she is still at home trying to recover from all the work I asked her to do!! She is a trooper and will be back.

Jesse and Keith you guys did it!! Hope the 50th will have us all together again.

P.S. Bonnie Ferguson get better and thanks so much!!

Mike is the Hemet Jeep Club Secretary and was the raffle chair for the 2014 Hi Desert Round-Up.

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