Mojave Road

The Mojave Road is a historic route across the Mojave Desert first used by Native Americans to travel between the Colorado River and the coast. Spanish explorers, Mexican traders, and American settlers have used the route. Today, the 121-mile long 4-wheel drive trail across the Mojave Desert is on the “bucket list” of every overland adventurer.


Russ Chung
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This run will conclude at base camp for the Hi Desert Round-Up. Registration for the Hi Desert Round-Up is not included with this run and must be purchased separately. Visit this link for details.

A scenic tour of the historic trail

By Russ Chung

Cal4Wheel has obtained a Special Use Permit from the National Park Service to lead a run over a portion* of the Mojave Road on May 24 & 25, 2017. This run is not part of Cal4Wheel's Hi Desert Round-Up, but it is timed to allow participants to easily transition to the Hi Desert Round-Up, which starts on May 26. In addition to traveling the portion of the Mojave Road that traverses the Mojave National Preserve, we will take side trips to Hole-in-the-Wall, Kelso Depot, and Lava Tubes.

  • Kelso Depot
  • Soda Dry Lake
  • UPRR Railroad Bridge
  • Kelso Depot
  • Soda Dry Lake
  • UPRR Railroad Bridge

There is a $25 charge for this run, and participants must be members of Cal4Wheel. Vehicles must be street-legal and meet Cal4Wheel's safety requirements.

The run will depart at 1PM on Wednesday, May 24 from Fort Piute on the Mojave Road. Camp on Wednesday night will be at the Black Canyon Group Campground in the Mojave National Preserve. The run will end on Thursday afternoon (May 25) at the Razor OHV Area. Participants may depart or camp out and proceed to Hi Desert Round-Up the next day (about 60 miles).

To register for this run, please go to this link. Only 15 vehicles are allowed on the run, after which a waiting list will be established.

*Due to limitations of the Special Use Permit for this run, this run will start at mile 21 of the Mojave Road (near Fort Piute) and end at mile 104 of the Mojave Road (at the Razor OHV area). Participants may travel the first 21 miles and/or the last 17 miles of the Mojave Road on their own, but such travel will not be part of this Cal4Wheel-led run.

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