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Esprit De Four
Esprit De Four Tom Vella, Ed Lorenzen and Jason Green, members of Esprit De Four, pose for a picture after helping the Diablo 4 Wheelers on their Adopt-A-Trail.
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 2003 GMC 2500 HD diesel with a Dana 60 out of a 1991 F350 and 37" tires. Still going strong after 230,000 miles.
John Allen
John Allen On the Golden Crack in Moab.
John Allen
John Allen Madhatters President John Allen climbs Cadillac Hill on the Rubicon in June 2014.
Ralph Wynn
Ralph Wynn With friends on the Dusy-Ershim in September 2014. Three of the rigs are 10th anniversary JK Rubicons. Ralph's is the 2-door gray one. Its only mods are 35s and LOD front bumper.
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez Granite slabs on the Rubicon.
Bob Easley
Bob Easley Bob and his Samurai at 11,000' at the Montague Mine on the side of Mount Patterson in the Sweetwater Mountains on the California/Nevada border.
Chipper Ross
Chipper Ross On the Rubicon with trailer in tow in his '94 Jeep Cherokee.
Chipper Ross
Chipper Ross Chipper, a member of the Eldorado Jeep Herders, on the Rubicon with his '94 Jeep Cherokee.
Steve Neel
Steve Neel Another shot of Steve Neel on the Dusy.
Steve Neel
Steve Neel Steve Neel, a member of the Clovis Independents, does the Dusy in his 2001 Toyota Tacoma on an October 2014 club run.
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez In Last Chance Canyon near Ridgecrest, CA.
DeEtte Johnston
DeEtte Johnston DeEtte Johnston of the Eastern Sierra 4WD Club, enjoys the Eastern Sierra's fall colors with her 1969 Ford Bronco. The reason to go four wheeling...
Jeff Hodas
Jeff Hodas Jeff Hodas on Clawhammer in Johnson Valley.
Glenn Hopkins
Glenn Hopkins On the Rubicon Trail.
Glenn Hopkins
Glenn Hopkins Winch Hill #1 on the Fordyce.