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Winner of Jeep to make donation

From Jon Nelson, the winner of the 2017 Win-A-Jeep

What a blur this past weekend was. It started with the overwhelming response on Saturday to my first day showing Turtleback Trailer’s new Getaway Trail. Thank you so much for the 60+ conversations, interest, suggestions, and support. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better first day working for Turtleback Trailers.

Then there was the Jeep drawing Saturday night. I am humbled. One ticket in a barrel of 15k+ tickets and my ticket was drawn. I’m a first time Cal4Wheel event attendee. And the grand prize ticket had my name on it. Again, I am humbled.

I have ALWAYS wanted a Jeep! My wife and I have even taken extended Jeep test drives in the past, and there has always been the same problem. I am 6’7” and Jeeps are not made for people like me. My head hits the roll bar. It’s not a matter of lowering the seat as the legroom is already uncomfortable as well. Basically, I can’t drive a Jeep further than short distances, and this Jeep deserves to be more than a mall cruiser!

My wife and I want to honor all of the hard work and anticipation that goes into the Cal4Wheel Win-A-Jeep project each year. Steve Gardiner alone gives up 20+ of his weekends each year to trailer the Jeep to events where tickets are sold. Plus, Steve lines up and manages all of the sponsors and build-up work. Plus, Cal4Wheel shows the Jeep at SEMA in Las Vegas each year. And Steve is just the ringleader with many, many, many other volunteers at his side every step of the way.

And then there are the ticket buyers. Yes, everyone wants to win the Jeep. But each ticket buyer is also putting out their hard earned money to help the Cal4Wheel efforts all year long. Each ticket buyer deserves to be honored as well.

The Jeep is in Liz’s and my possession, but we can’t just garage this for occasional local drives. It deserves to be driven and maybe even badged with some trail markings (sorry Steve & team). So, this is what we are going to do:

My wife and I will start an eBay auction one week from today on March 1st at 5pm Pacific. The auction will run for 10 days. We will donate 1/3 of the winning auction amount back to Cal4Wheel. One third right off the top back to continue Cal4Wheel’s efforts. And, the winner gets to drive around a piece of history that will start many conversations and make many new friends!

P.S. – This is our private auction with our pledge to donate 1/3 of the wining bid amount back to Cal4Wheel. This is not a Cal4Wheel auction, so please don’t bug them with questions. Any question hit me up personally. And no, in the interest of fairness and the hope to bring the highest $ amount back to Cal4Wheel we will not sell the Jeep ahead of the auction or end the auction early.

Build List

Thank you to our generous sponsors for donating time and product to make this year's Win-A-Jeep built by PoisonSpyder happen! This 2016 4-door Jeep Wrangler and all of its upgrades could be yours for only $5.

  • PoisonSpyder

    JK Brawler FULL Width Front Bumper - Brawler Bar – Tabs; JK Brawler FULL Width Rear Bumper - Tire Carrier - Lights – Tabs; RockBrawler II Hi-Lift Jack Mount; JK 4-Dr Body Armor (Steel); JK 4-Dr Ricochet Rockers - Frame Mounted; JK 4-Dr Crusher Corners - OEM Taillights; JK Hood Louver '13+ - Black PC; Hawse Fairlead Rigid 10" LED Light Bar Mount; Aluminum Hawse Winch Fairlead; Winch Fairlead Mount; Bombshell Diff Cover - Dana 30 - Black PC; Bombshell Diff Cover - Dana 44 - Black PC; JK 4-Dr Front & Rear Cage Grab Handles (Set of 4); PS Gear Bag 22x8x5 (JK Trunk); Poison Spyder 3in X 30ft Recovery Strap; 2 - 3/4" Recovery Shackle; Installation 
  • sPod

    sPod 6-switch pod
  • MetalCloak

    Game Changer suspension kit and shocks
  • Raceline

    Avenger wheels (set of 5)
  • BF Goodrich

    Tires (set of 5)
  • Warn Industries

  • Synergy

    Sit Shower Shave Kit
  • PIAA

    1 - 18" RF LED Bar; 1 pair RF Floods Lights; 1 pair RF Led Driving Light; 1 pair 3.5" LP Yellow Driving Lights; Windshield Corner light mounts; Windshield wipers
  • Hi-Lift Jack Company

    X-Treme Jack, 48"; Adjustable mount; Neoprene jack cover, Jack Keeper
  • Factor 55

    Pro Link safety thimble
  • Tuffy Security Products

    Security tailgate enclosure; Locking cubby cover; Security console; Under the Front Seat drawer
  • Rock Hard

    Ultimate Sport Cage; Rear overhead center bars
  • Dana Corp.

    Front axle housing and components; Rear locker; Rear gears; Rear axles
  • Magnaflow

    Cat Back muffler system
  • Jackcovers

    Hi-Lift jack cover
  • Hard Core Trail Gear

    Alien Base (for Hi-Lift jack)
  • Spiderweb Shade

    JK 4-door shade
  • Tierra del Sol 4x4 Club

    Cash donation

2017 Winner

Jon Nelson gives the thumbs up from the driver's seat

JON NELSON, COSTA MESA, California - Ticket #383611

ARB Fridge/Freezer - Jeff Price - Ticket #379296
Atlas Transfer Case - Chuck Weiner, New Jersey - Ticket #375288
BF Goodrich Tires - Mike Wallace, Dirt Devils 4WD Club


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Win-A-Jeep Sponsors

Auburn Jeep
Clovis Independents
Currie Enterprises
Factor 55
HardCore Trail Gear
Premier Digital Printing
Reid Racing
Tierra Del Sol


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