Forming a new club

So you want to start a four-wheel drive club?

Here are some tips on getting started.

First, you'll have to work on the obvious things like what to call your club, who your members will be, what city/area you want to be in, and what types of drivers and vehicles you want to allow. Will you have regular meetings, or are you primarily going to connect online?

Once you have those basic details worked out, it’s time to get serious. Here are some basic tasks that will need to be accomplished:

We have created a great document to help you with all of these things, and quite a bit more. You can download it at this link

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Club Contact Change

Death Valley Experience Committee Registration

Please provide your name
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Please provide at least one phone number

I am volunteering for:

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Optional Runs

Select any optional runs you would like to go on if space is available. No meals are included.

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Optional Run Pass

Choose a guaranteed spot on one of the runs. Lunch for one person will be included.

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership

Join Us!

Membership Benefits

Our Associate Member program provides an opportunity for off-road and other concerned businesses to join our organization and profit through mutual support. We encourage our clubs and individual members to obtain needed products and services from our Associate Member companies.
  • Subscription to bi-monthly In Gear magazine.
  • Free business listing in In Gear magazine and, including upgraded listing for Dollar-A-Day associate sponsors.
  • In Gear advertising discounts.
  • Association display for your store.
  • Use of association logo on advertising.
  • Wall plaque and decal.
  • Ability to participate in association-only events.
  • Discounted trade show space.
  • Legislative representation for our sport.

Membership Classes

Monthly installments are available for associate sponsorships and life memberships.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

By joining us as an official corporate sponsor, your company will be working with us to preserve our rights, protect our sport and our environment.

Interested? Contact the Cal4Wheel office at (916) 381-8300 or for info.

Download Brochure

Download corporate sponsorship brochure

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