About Our Board

Josh Epstein


Josh is a relative newcomer to the board, but that hasn't stopped him from getting heavily involved. He is currently the chair for the Hi Desert Round-Up. His business, JEP Autoworks, is the builder for the 2020-2021 Win-A-Jeep.

Josh is also the president of his club, the Hemet Jeep Club, and their newsletter editor.

Jack Chapman

Past President

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and soon after purchasing my first four-wheeler I realized I was hooked. I joined Cal4wheel in 2012 and decided to become a Life Member right from the start. I knew Cal4Wheel was very active in land use, as well as off-roading, and they played a large role in keeping our trails open, not to mention constantly fighting battles with those who were wanting to see all off-road land use come to a halt. Soon after becoming a Cal4Wheel Life Member I also joined Blue Ribbon Coalition and Nevada 4Wheel Drive Association, both as a life member.

Even though I did not immediately jump in and become overly active in Cal4Wheel, I did busy myself with a local club, Motherlode Rockcrawlers. Quickly after joining them I became president and served four years in this position. During my position of president, I had to pay attention to the desires of the board members and had to act accordingly. In accordance with the club’s bylaws, the president is not the one who makes the decisions but does have the responsibility of carrying out the board’s decisions. During my presidency I became involved with El Dorado National Forestry Division, local clubs, as well as organizations in order to complete the Deer Valley trail restoration. This led to the reopening of that trail for off roaders to enjoy. I must admit I enjoyed being president.

During my time as Motherlode Rockcrawlers’ president I became more involved in Cal4Wheel. I volunteered with multiple things such as helping transport the Win-A-Jeep, unloading and cleaning the Cal4Wheel equipment after events, transporting trailers, help in some of Ca4Wheel events and lately I have put many hours in at Cal4Wheel headquarters in Sacramento. I found myself wanting to become more active, so much so, that when Glenn Reynolds stepped down as the North District Membership I jumped at the chance and ran for his position. I was pleasantly surprised to have won as I am not well known to many of the members, delegates or clubs. Since becoming the North Distrct Membership Chair, I began learning how Cal4Wheel functions and in many aspects, I see room for improvement.

I believe in the ideas and dreams Mr. Morris had for the wheeling world, and I am honored to become part of this legacy. In my personal life I have a very demanding job that requires the ability to multi-task while staying on target in the timeframes given me. I supervise multiple people, negotiate with contractors, communicate with the public, resolve conflicts daily with employees and consumer issues, and report to both upper management as well as executive management. I would like to make a difference, so I have decided to run for president of Cal4Wheel.

Russ Chung

State Treasurer

Russ has been a Cal4Wheel member since buying his Jeep Wrangler in 2005, becoming a life member four years ago. He is a charter member of the Jeep Expeditions Club, and the director of the California chapter. Russ is a native Californian, born in San Francisco and raised in Berkeley. He has a degree in economics and extensive experience in banking, budgeting and managing non-profits.

He served as a helicopter pilot, maintenance test pilot, platoon leader and company commander in the U.S. Army. Russ and North District Vice President Glenn Reynolds served together in the same unit in Vietnam. Russ has attended every Cal4Wheel event multiple times, except for Winter Fun Festival, which he only attended once. He is currently the co-chair of the Hi Desert Round-Up and has plans to expand the event with new trail runs, along with including side-by-sides, the overlanding community and youth programs.

Sherry Stortroen

Recording Secretary

Sherry is a long-time life member of the association. She has been heavily involved with safety clinics and has received numerous awards for her service to the association.

Jim Bramham

North District Vice President

Jim’s love affair with the dunes started in 1964 in the Oregon dunes on a family vacation. He and his family have continued to enjoy dune recreation at a variety of locations throughout the west, including Oceano, Sand Mountain, Glamis, Dumont, and the Coral Pinks. By the‘70s he had discovered the rock trails of the Sierras with his Jeep. Rubicon, Barrett Lake, Deer Valley and Strawberry to name a few. Jim has lead well over 100 SUV/historical runs throughout California.

He became active in the political side of OHV in the 1980’s. He is a Past President of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, a former Commissioner on the OHMVR Commission overseeing the OHMVR Program and served on the Dumont and ISDRA (Glamis) Desert Advisory Subgroups. Jim has also served as the North NRC for Cal 4. Jim and his wife Shirley live in Sacramento, California and are blessed to have three wonderful grandchildren to whom they has introduced to our sport. Jim becomes the North District's Vice President with great experience and leadership skills to help guide our organization as we move forward!

Kitten Chapman

North District Membership Chair
Kitten has been on the board since 2017 and is a member of the Motherlode Rockcrawlers. She taking on many duties for the association, including handling the Win-A-Jeep ticket ordering.

Debbie Stephens


Debbie is a life member of Cal4Wheel as well as a life member of Hi-Landers 4-Wheel Drive Club of Sacramento where she participates with her club in caring for their Adopt-A-Trail, Barrett Lake Trail and Adopt-A-Campground, South Fork Group Campground, both of which are located in the Eldorado National Forest. 

Debbie previously served on the board of directors as state treasurer and now serves as the North District secretary/treasurer.

Mark Cave

Central District VP

Mark Cave is returning to the board after a brief hiatus in his original position as Central District VP. Mark lives in Visalia with his wife Amy and son Fernando (all life members) and daughter Adriana and four grandchildren. He drives a 1996 Cherokee Sport, but also is starting to work on a 2017 Unlimited Sport Wrangler. He belongs to Kingsburg 4WD club and Ready to Rock.

In addition to wheeling he is a fly fisherman and has served his club, Kaweah Fly Fishers as outings chair and casting instructor for over 25 years. He has been in Cal4 for 24 years and is a past president of Lock and Low.

He has served as Cal 4 President, Raffle Jeep chair and Past President. Goals this year include helping open Cal4 to more inclusion of side-by-sides, establish an NRC internship program, restart annual runs at Clear Creek and to get out on the trail more. He is an advanced amateur Ham, K6AFU.

Mike Magana

Central District Membership Chair

Hello, my name is Mike Magana. I am the newly elected C4WDA Central District Membership Chair.

I’d like to take some time to introduce myself. I grew up on a 40-acre vineyard in Raisin City, California where I learned the values of respect, hard work, and family from my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We as kids earned everything (other than the basic essentials) by working in the fields; nothing was given to us because we wanted it (we had to work for it). I never thought that I was learning life’s lessons during that time. I just thought it’s what was expected being a member of the family (you did your part). After high school graduation went to Fresno City College for one semester (automotive classes), ran out of money. In 1980 I went to Alaska and became a commercial fisherman. That was a real adventure, starting with the long drive from Fresno to Valdez, Alaska along the Alaska Hwy. In 1982 I joined the Navy for six years, and got to see many different countries. After my Navy enlistment, I went to work at South West Marine in San Diego. I really enjoyed this job as an outside machinist. I started my carrier as a Correctional Officer in the infamous Corcoran State Prison, from June of 1987 until November of 2016, when I retired.

I joined C4WDA and Kingsburg 4 Wheel Drive Club in 2017. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of great people and expand my knowledge of the OHV community. Since joining up with C4WDA, I am also a member of the Blue Ribbon Share the Trails Coalition and The Stewards of the Sierra. With the Stewards, I have assisted them in clearing many trails and campgrounds during the last few years in Madera/Fresno Counties. This year 2021, so far we’ve worked in Miami Trails area with Madera County, USFS OHV representative Ted Webb, replaced trail markers in Jose Basin, and started clearing some trails in Blue Canyon.

 I decided to take the next step and take a more active role in C4WDA and OHV. I never thought that being a member of a club or organization like C4WDA was a big deal, so I never thought about it, (I was wrong). Being a member is like being part of a large family with many different personalities and traits. Sometimes there are conflicts and differences of opinions. We are all one family and we need to stop the petty squabbles, and fighting amongst ourselves. No one should be here looking for notoriety and personal gains. We are supposed to be like a family, and C4WD is our family with local clubs being an extension of that family. We all should want the same things (keeping access to our lands open). We have the opportunity to really make a difference in OHV and we need to be united within ourselves as members of C4WDA and with other OHV organizations who share the same goals.

I look forward to being a representative of C4WDA and the Central District boards.  I will do my best to support and represent my extended family in C4WDA.

David Rocha II

David Rocha II

Central District Secretary/Treasurer

I grew up in the central valley working in the trucking industry and the ag farming industry; I currently run a small farming business. My parents are David and Nancy Rocha, who joined Cal4 in 1970 and have been going strong. I am a member of the Kingsburg 4WDC and the Broncos Unanimous club. I have been involved in four-wheeling and Cal4 my entire life. My family has always helped and worked committee for district meetings and events like Molina, High Sierra, Sierra Trek, Sand Nationals, Winter Fun, Hi Desert, Cal4 Convention, and many other local events.

You will either find me in an orange early Bronco or a silver JK whenever I can find the time to get out. I took this position to try to do my part to help Cal4 and the four-wheeling community. I feel that every single club and member needs to be heard and be involved in preserving the off-road community.

Don Rybarczyk

South District VP

Originally from Buffalo New York, Don has been in Southern California for over 40 years. He moved out for a job, married a California woman, had three great children and now four grandchildren.

Don retired in 2018 from Northrop Grumman where he was an engineer and a program manager during his career. He worked on smart weapons and satellites.

Danette Starksen

South District Membership Chair

My name is Danette Starksen. I have been married to my amazing husband Dirk since 1985. We have four wonderful grown children and four beautiful grandchildren (so far). We bought our first Jeep in 2014 after attending Easter Jeep Safari where I saw opportunity to go off-roading together instead of my husband dirt bike riding without me. We joined High Desert Four Wheelers in 2014 (Dirk is now the club President) and have remained active with Cal4Wheel ever since. We bought our second Jeep in 2017 and became Cal4Wheel Associate life members in 2018 with our company, Advanced Clutch Technology. I have helped with events such as Panamint Valley Days, High Desert Roundup and Convention. I love people, enjoy serving and volunteering with my mentor, Bonnie Ferguson. Like Bonnie, I don’t desire the spotlight and usually serve behind the scenes. I look forward to contributing to the future of our sport by supporting Cal4Wheel. See you on the trail!

Bonnie Ferguson

South District Secretary/Treasurer
Bonnie has been a life member of Cal4Wheel since 1974 and has served in numerous capacities on the board over the years, as well as chairing Panamint Valley Days and Conventions, helping with fundraisers and other events, and being a generous donor to the association. She is also the winner of numerous awards, including the Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor and the Tara Ballard award.
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