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| Rose Winn, Cal4wheel Natural Resources Consultant | Access Issues

The Bureau of Land Management provided public comment opportunity for the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Northwest CA Integrated Management Plan (NCIP). The NCIP will direct management protocol for over 382,000 acres of public land. I submitted a comment letter on behalf of Cal4Wheel, noting that each of the four alternatives in the draft NCIP would negatively impact Cal4Wheel members, as well as all members of the general public who enjoy outdoor recreation on BLM managed lands, by significantly minimizing their ability to access public land. The NCIP fails to provide a recreation alternative as required by NEPA. While Alternative A would not change existing management practices, it would therefore also fail to optimize outdoor recreation as a high-value use of BLM managed land across the 382,200 acres that are encompassed within the footprint of the NCIP. Alternatives B, C, and D would all reduce public access to outdoor recreation in a variety of ways. The alternatives presented in the NCIP serve to diminish (at best) or eradicate (at worst) the multiple-use mandate by which the BLM is required to manage public lands.

Additional points of focus within the comment letter addressed:

1. The NCIP’s violation of Congressional direction, Congressional intent, and BLM operational guidelines

2. Failure to comply with NEPA analysis

3. Discrimination of members of the public with disabilities and impoverished communities

4. Impacts of catastrophic wildfire, need for significantly increased fire prevention

Review the full comment letter via this link: C4WDA-BLM-NCIP-Draft-RMP.EIS-Comment.pdf

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