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Cal4Wheel Submits Objections to Eldorado National Forest Hazard Tree Mitigation Project

| Rose Winn, Cal4Wheel Natural Resources Consultant | Access Issues

On March 11, 2023, Cal4Wheel submitted Objections to a Roadside Hazard Tree Mitigation project for Eldorado National Forest (ENF). Previously in August 2022, Cal4Wheel submitted comments on the project’s Proposed Action for Scoping to urge the Forest Service to maximize the total acreage for hazard tree abatement in order to increase public safety, protect public access to motorized recreation opportunities and general outdoor recreation, and decrease future risk of wildfire. Of positive note, ENF included the full 2,461 miles from the original proposal within the draft final decision.

However, Cal4Wheel objected to other components of the draft final decision given that it fails to effectively fulfill the Purpose and Need for the project through unnecessary limitation on scope of implementation related to:

  1. Maintenance level 1 roads
  2. Catastrophic wildfire prevention
  3. OHV and outdoor recreation
  4. Social and economic impacts
  5. NEPA review

Additionally, Cal4Wheel offered the ongoing support of club membership as volunteers to support the success of both immediate hazard tree mitigation and post-project maintenance needs.

Read the Objection letter here

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