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Support Assembly Bill 232

| Suzy Johnson | Access Issues

We encourage our members to contact their California legislators to voice support for Assembly Bill 232. This bill would change the way out-of-state OHV permits are handled.

The short version: this bill would require OHV users from Arizona, Idaho and Utah to purchase an out-of-state permit for their OHVs in order to use them on public lands in California. This corrects the inequity that exists in these three states, which do not recognize California's OHV registrations and require California residents to purchase permits in order to recreate there.

The bill's author (Gallagher) points out that, "Californian's [sic] pay other states to use their OHVs in those states while residents of those states don't pay to use their OHVs here. This bill addresses that inquity to limiting reciprocity only to those states who provide reciprocity to California."

Please take a few minutes to contact your legislators to ask them to support this legislation. To find your legislators and their contact information, go to this link.

Read the full bill analysis and see its current status here

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