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Cover Forage Ratio

The ratio of hiding cover to foraging areas for wildlife species.

Cover Type (forest cover type)

Stands of a particular vegetation type that are composed of similar species. The aspen cover type contains plants distinct from the pinyon-juniper cover type.

Created Opening

An opening in the forest cover created by the application of even-aged silvicultural practices.

Criteria air pollutants

A group of common air pollutants (such as carbon monoxide, particulate matter, or ozone) regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the basis of criteria (information on health and/or environmental effects of pollution). Criteria air pollutants are widely distributed across the country.

Critical Habitat

Areas designated for the survival and recovery of federally listed threatened or endangered species.

Crown fire

A fire burning into and through the crowns of a forest or shrubland.

Crown Height

The distance from the ground to the base of the crown of a tree.


Conservation Strategy

Cultural Resource

The remains of sites, structures, or objects used by people in the past; this can be historical or pre-historic.

Cumulative Effects

Effects on the environment that result from separate, individual actions that, collectively, become significant over time.
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