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Timber harvest

The volume of trees with commercial value that are cut and

Timberland (commercial forest land)

Land suitable for producing timber crops and not withdrawn from timber production by statute or administrative regulation. The typical minimum level of productivity is 20 cubic feet per acre per year.

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

An estimate of the total quantity of pollutants (from all sources: point, non-point, and natural) that may be allowed into waters without exceeding applicable water quality criteria

tractor logging

A logging method that uses tractors to carry or drag logs from the stump to a collection point.


A route 50 inches or less in width or a route over 50 inches wide that is identified and managed as a trail.

Travel management atlas

An atlas that consists of a forest transportation atlas and a motor vehicle use map or maps.

treatment area

The site-specific location of a resource improvement activity.tree opening- An opening in the forest created by even-aged silvicultural practices.


See Indian tribe.

TSI (Timber Stand Improvement)

Actions to improve growing conditions for trees in a stand, such as thinning, pruning, prescribed fire, or release cutting.

type conversion

The conversion of the dominant vegetation in an area from forested to non-forested or from one species to another.
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