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Wildland fire

A lightning- or human-caused fire that is either being suppressed or, if lightning-caused, allowed to burn (see Wildland Fire Used for Resource Benefit). Often used synonymously with 'wildfire' or 'forest fire'.

Wildland fire use

The management of naturally ignited wildland fires to accomplish specific pre-stated resource management objectives in pre-defined geographic areas.

Wildland Fire Use (WFU)

The management of naturally-ignited wildland fires to accomplish specific pre-stated resource management objectives in predefined geographic areas outlined in Forest Fire Management Plans. Operational management is described in the Wildland Fire Implementation Plan. Wildland fire use is not to be confused with "fire use," which is a broader term encompassing more than just wildland fires.

Wildland Fire Used for Resource Benefit (WFURB)

A lightning-caused wildland fire that is allowed to burn because it meets the resource objectives outlined in the Land Management Plan and the site-specific prescriptive elements outlined in a Fire Management Plan.

Wildland-urban interface

The line, area, or zone where structures and other human development meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels. Because of their location, these structures are extremely vulnerable to fire should an ignition occur in the surrounding area.

wildlife habitat diversity

The distribution and abundance of different plant and animal communities and species within a specific area.


Trees uprooted by wind.

wood fiber production

The growing, tending, harvesting, and regeneration of harvestable trees

woodland products

Harvestable items from pinyon-juniper woodlands. These include fuelwood, posts, pine nuts and Christmas trees.
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