Resource Management Plan (RMP)

The BLM considers resource management plans to be synonymous with land use plans so the terms may be used interchangeably. Land use plan decisions made in RMP's establish goals and objectives for resource management (such as desired future conditions), the measures needed to achieve these goals and objectives, and parameters for using public lands. Land use planning decisions are usually made on broad scale and customarily guide subsequent site-specific implementation decisions. A resource management plan (RMP) is a land use plan which describes broad, multiple-use guidance for managing public land and mineral estate administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The plan is developed with public involvement and potential impacts of the plan are analyzed in an environmental impact statement (EIS) under guidelines of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1976 (NEPA). The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA) directs the BLM to develop, maintain, and when necessary, to revise land use plans to provide for appropriate use of public land. The plan highlights goals and objectives for resource management and establishes measures needed to achieve those goals and objectives.
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