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Environmental Impact Statement

Element (of ecosystems)

An identifiable component, process, or condition of an ecosystem.

End of Scoping

The date on which your response to the formal scoping statement is due; this is usually 30 days after release of the scoping statement. Especially valuable at this early stage are your concerns regarding potential environmental impacts of our proposed actions. Scoping determines the "scope" of the subsequent environmental analysis conducted by an interdisciplinary team of resource specialists.

Endangered Species

As defined in the Federal Endangered Species Act, any species which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. For terrestrial species, the USFWS determines endangered status.

Endemic plant/organism

A plant or animal that occurs naturally in a certain region and whose distributionis relatively limited geographically.

Endemic species

Plants or animals that occur naturally in a certain region and whose distribution is relatively limited to a particular locality. Endemism is the occurrence of endemic species in an area.

Environmental Analysis

An analysis of alternative actions and their predictable long and short-term environmental effects. Environmental analyses include physical, biological, social, and economic factors.

Environmental Impact Statement

A statement of environmental effects of a proposed action andalternatives to it. The EIS is released to other agencies and the public for comment and review.
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