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Glossary of Terms

unsuitable lands

Forest land that is not managed for timber production. Reasons may be matters of policy, ecology, technology, silviculture, or economics.

Use, allowable

An estimate of proper range use. Forty to fifty percent of the annual growth is often used as a rule of thumb on ranges in good to excellent condition. It can also mean the amount of forage planned to be used to accelerate range rehabilitation.

variety class

A way to classify landscapes according to their visual features. This system is based on the premise that landscapes with the greatest variety or diversity have the greatest potential for scenic value.

vegetation management

Activities designed primarily to promote the health of forest vegetation for multiple-use purposes.

vegetation type

A plant community with distinguishable characteristics.

vertical diversity

The diversity in a stand that results from the different layers or tiers of vegetation.

viable population

The number of individuals of a species sufficient to ensure the long-term existence of the species in natural, self-sustaining populations that are adequately distributed throughout their range.

virgin forest

A natural forest virtually un-influenced by human activity.

visual quality objective

A set of measurable goals for the management of forest visual resources.

visual resource

A part of the landscape important for its scenic quality. It may include a composite of terrain, geologic features, or vegetation
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