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Items starting with D

Directional Drilling

The intentional deviation of a well bore from a vertical position to reach subsurface areas off to one side from the drilling site.

Director (BLM Director)

The national Director of the BLM.

Dispersed recreation

Activities usually associated with backcountry and trails and are consistent with the settings and experiences identified with Primitive (P), Semi- Primitive Non-Motorized (SPNM), and Semi-Primitive Motorized (SPM) classes of the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum. Examples of these activities include hiking, snowmobiling, mountain biking, wilderness use, backpacking, horseback riding, and OHV use.


Any event, such as forest fire or insect infestations that alter the structure, composition, or functions of an ecosystem.


Departmental Manual

DM (Decision Memo)

This type of decision is used when the environmental analysis has been "categorically excluded" (CE) from documentation in an EA or an EIS. Ordinarily, decisions documented in a Decision Memo are not subject to administrative appeal; the exception is the category of small timber sales (unless there has been no expression of public interest in the sale).

DN (Decision Notice)

This type of decision is used when an Environmental Assessment (EA) is conducted and it is concluded that no significant environmental impact will result from implementing the preferred alternative. (If a significant environmental impact will result, an EIS must be prepared.) Decisions documented in a Decision Notice are subject to administrative appeal unless there has been no expression of public interest in the action.


Documentation of Land Use Plan Conformance and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Adequacy


A worksheet for determining and documenting that a new site-specific proposed action both conforms to the existing land use plan(s) and is adequately analyzed in existing NEPA documents. The signed conclusion in the worksheet is an interim step in BLM's internal analysis process and is not an appealable decision. A Documentation of NEPA Adequacy (DNA) identifies previously prepared NEPA documents which adequately describe the environmental consequences of a newly proposed action. In most cases a DNA is prepared without additional public involvement.


Department of the Interior