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Items starting with F


Vegetation with characteristics that increase its resistance to fire, such as thick bark and high-branching habits.

Fisheries habitat

Streams, lakes, and reservoirs that support fish, or have the potential to support fish.

Flood plain

A lowland adjoining a watercourse. At a minimum, the area is subject to a 1% or greater chance of flooding in a given year.


The plant life of an area.


Federal Land Policy and Management Act


Finding of No Significant Impact


All browse and non-woody plants that are eaten by wildife and livestock.


A broadleaf plant that has little or no woody material in it.


The part of a scene or landscape that is nearest to the viewer.

Forest health

The perceived condition of a forest derived from concerns about such factors as its age, structure, composition, function, vigor, presence of unusual levels of insects or disease, and resilience to disturbance. Individual and cultural viewpoints, land management objectives, spatial and temporal scales, the relative health of the stands that make up the forest, and the appearance of the forest at a point which influences the perception and interpretation of forest health.