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Items starting with F

Forest road or trail

Any road or trail wholly or partly within, or adjacent to, and serving the National Forest System and which is necessary for the protection, administration, and utilization of the National Forest System and the use and development of its resources.

Forest Supervisor

The official responsible for administering National Forest lands on an administrative unit usually one or more National Forests. The Forest Supervisor reports to the Regional Forester.

Forest transportation atlas

A display of the system of roads trails and airfields of an administrative unit.

Forest Transportation Facility

A forest road or trail or an airfield that is displayed in a forest transportation atlas including bridges, culverts, parking lots, marine access facilities, safety devices, and other improvements appurtenant to the forest transportation system.

Forest transportation system

The system of National Forest System roads, National Forest System trails, and airfields on National Forest System lands.


To haul a log from stump to collection point by a forwarder.


A self-propelled machine, usually self-loading, that transports logs by carrying them completely off the ground.

Fragmentation (habitat)

The break-up of a large land area (such as a forest) into smaller patches isolated by areas converted to a different land type. The opposite of connectivity.

Frost Heave

A land surface that is pushed up by the accumulation of ice in the underlying soil.


Plants and woody vegetation both living and dead that are capable of burning.