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Items starting with R

Riparian Area

The area along a watercourse or around a lake or pond.

Riparian Ecosystem

The ecosystems around or next to water areas that support unique vegetation and animal communities as a result of the influence of water.

Risk from uncharacteristic wildfire effects

The risk that once a fire starts and gets large it will damage the ecosystem or human communities.


Resource Management Plan


Research and Natural Area


A motor vehicle travelway over 50 inches wide, except those designated and managed as a trail. A road may be classified, unclassified, or temporary.

Road analysis

An integrated ecological, social, and economic science-based approach to transportation planning that addresses existing and future road management options.

Road construction or reconstruction

Supervising, inspecting, actual building, and incurrence of all costs incidental to the construction or reconstruction of a road.

Road improvement

Activities that result in an increase of an existing road's traffic service level, expand its capacity, or change its original design function.

Road maintenance

The ongoing upkeep of a road necessary to retain or restore the road to the approved road management objective.