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Hauling logs by sliding, not on wheels, from stump to a collection point.


The residue left on the ground after timber cutting or left after a storm, fire, or other event. Slash includes unused logs, uprooted stumps, broken or uprooted stems, branches, bark, etc.

Social Science

The study of society and of individual relationships in and to society, generally including one or more of the academic disciplines of sociology, economics, political science, geography, history, anthropology, and psychology.

Special Area Designations

A component of the forest plan that identifies specific places within the national forest possessing unique values or characteristics warranting management objectives and guidelines that are more protective or otherwise different from other parts of the plan area.

Special Status Species

Includes proposed species, listed species, and candidate species under the ESA; State-listed species; and BLM State Director-designated sensitive species (see BLM Manual 6840 - Special Status Species Policy).

Species of concern

Species for which the Responsible Official determines that management actions may be necessary to prevent listing under the Endangered Species Act (36 CFR 219.16).

Species of interest

Species for which the Responsible Official determines that management actions may be necessary or desirable to achieve ecological or other multiple use objectives (36 CFR 219.16).

Species richness

A measure of biological diversity referring to the number of species in an area.
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