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URGENT: Call or email to voice your support for Oceano Dunes

Coastal Commission meeting July 8-10, 2020

Jeep on the dunes at Oceano SVRA by High Desert Four Wheelers

The California Coastal Commission has again overstepped its authority with the newest Cease and Desist order.

They have Oceano Dunes SVRA closed down with COVID19 restrictions and they will do anything to keep it closed for forever.

Please call/ email and fill the inboxes with support for Oceano Dunes SVRA and OHV recreation.

The time for action is now!

ACTION ALERT: Critical meeting on Oceano Dunes SVRA

Coastal Commission meeting July 8-10, 2020

ACTION ALERT: Critical meeting on Oceano Dunes SVRA

We have a very critical California Coastal Commission (CCC) meeting coming up on July 8,9 and 10.

There is no doubt that many of these public agencies and environmental groups have one goal and that is to close Oceano Dunes SVRA down to OHV recreational activities. They do not care what issues they use: dust emissions, safety, Endangered Species and now COVID19. They will do anything to close us out of the dunes we have recreated in for decades.

Week #9: OHV Coronavirus update

I personally did not get out for Memorial Day Weekend but many of you did. Johnson Valley, Moon Rocks, Sand Mountain, Rubicon, Fordyce, Hollister Hills SVRA and many other trails and campgrounds all had big crowds over the weekend. Unfortunately, I saw way too many posts on social media about piles of garbage left behind on our trails and in our campgrounds.

Week #8: OHV Coronavirus update

Week #8: OHV Coronavirus update

Slowly we are starting to see states, counties and cities begin to reopen after governors start to ease up on their local “shelter in place” orders. It’s going to be a slow process getting everything reopened and everyone back to work, but unfortunately for us who live in California it will seem like we are in slow motion. Governor Newsom’s four-phase plan will keep many parts of our economy locked down for a few more months.

Update on Carnegie legislation

Here is a quick update on both the bills regarding Carnegie SVRA.

AB 2551- Alameda/Tesla Carnegie SVRA Expansion – As of April 30, 2020 the bill had been cancelled at the request of the author.

SB 1147- Carnegie SVRA – The bill has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee on March 5 and no action scheduled.

Week #7: OHV Coronavirus update

TreadLightly! at a distance flyer

The good news is that some of this week’s updates are places opening back up and not being closed due to the coronavirus. Although USFS Region 5 has announced that most developed recreation sites will remain closed through May 15, the individual forests are slowly opening motorized roads and trails as seasonal road and trail closures are lifted.

Public meeting on Oceano Dunes Habitat Conservation Plan May 13

Meeting will be via Zoom

Public Meeting Purpose:

The purpose of the public meeting is to receive comment on the Oceano Dunes HCP Draft EIR. This is an opportunity for the pubic to provide verbal comment on the environmental analysis contained in the Draft EIR. Anyone wishing to provide verbal comment will be given an opportunity to speak. Meeting participation is the only way to submit verbal comment. It is not necessary to attend the meeting to submit written comment. The public may also submit written comment on the Draft EIR through emailing comments to the following address: OceanoDunesHCP@parks.ca.gov.

BLM seeks public comment on off-highway vehicle routes in the Vinagre Wash Special Management Area

Comments due May 21, 2020

The Bureau of Land Management El Centro Field Office invites the public to provide written comments on additional off-highway vehicle (OHV) routes in the Vinagre Wash Special Management Area, near Palo Verde, Imperial County.  The public comment period will end on May 21.

This Special Management Area, designated under the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act (Public Law 116-9) in March 2019, allows for the consideration of additional routes that would provide significant or unique recreational opportunities and are consistent with the purposes of the Management Area. 

Week #5: OHV Coronavirus update

Well, here we are five weeks into the “shelter in place order” and most Californians are doing their best to follow the rules and help flatten the curve. The first few weeks were not that bad, we got a few projects done, binge watched our favorite shows, worked on our off-road vehicles, or just relaxed a little. But I see cracks beginning to develop in even the best of people; this home isolation is beginning to take its toll and cabin fever will be the new pandemic to sweep through our community. The off-road community is used to being outside, we enjoy all types of outdoor recreation, but not being able to spend time out on the trail with our off-road family has been difficult.

Week #4: OHV Coronavirus update

I hope everyone is staying sane during this shelter in place order. I know its hard for me to just stay home, but I’m trying to do my part and do what ever it takes to get back to a place when business can start to open back up and when we can return to recreating on our favorite trails.

US Fish & Wildlife withdraws proposed Endangered Species Act designation for bi-state Sage Grouse

Designation would have severely restricted OHV recreation in Nevada and eastern California

Bi-State Sage Grouse photo courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service

The US Fish and Wildlife Service announce plans to withdraw a propose rule to extend Endangered Species Act protections to a distinct population of greater sage grouse found only along the California-Nevada border.

After a yearlong review of the bi-state Sage Grouse population, the FWS has determined that the threats are no longer as significant as was believed when FWS first proposed listing the bird as a threatened species in 2013.

Week #3: OHV Coronavirus update

On Sunday President Donald Trump extended the voluntary national shut down for another month, until April 30. The initial 15-day period of social distancing urged by the federal government expires today and the President decided to extend the guidelines when the current modeling showed that they should expect the coronavirus pandemic to peak within the next few weeks.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the lockdown which includes shelter in place and distancing measures will continue on through at least the end of April but also possibly through mid-June.

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