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Items tagged with ACRONYMS


Notice of Intent

Non-Point Source Pollution (NPSP)

Pollution whose source is not specific in location. The sources of the discharge are dispersed, not well defined, or constant. Rain storms and snowmelt often make this type of pollution worse. Examples include sediments from logging activities and runoff from agricultural chemicals.

Notice of Intent (NOI)

A notice in the federal register of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement on a proposed action.


Off-Highway Vehicle



Provincial Advisory Council


Plan of Development

Present Net Value (PNV)

Also called Present Net Worth. The measure of the economic value of a project when costs and revenues occur in different time periods. Future revenues and costs are "discounted " to the present by an interest rate that reflects the changing value of a dollar over time. The assumption is that dollars today are more valuable than dollars in the future. PNV is used to compare project alternatives that have different cost and revenue flows.

Primitive (P)

A definition used in the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) to characterize an area that is essentially an unmodified natural environment of large size. Interaction between users is very low and evidence of other users is minimal. The area is managed to be essentially free from evidence of human-induced restrictions and controls. Motorized use within the area is not permitted.

Provincial Advisory Council (PAC)

see Resource Advisory Council.