Associate of the Year Award

  1. The three (3) district vice presidents will choose one candidate for the "Associate of the Year Award," and submit it by December 31 to the Sacramento office along with the reason or information why the associate member should be chosen.
  2. The candidate should demonstrate involvement and interest in CA4WDC activities over and above the usual membership payment. The award shall not depend on the largest prize donor. It can depend on other criteria, such as (but not limited to):
    1. Participation in Association events
    2. Sponsorship of new club(s)
    3. Maintenance of membership easels
  3. The three (3) vice presidents will then review the candidates and choose the most appropriate. The award will be presented at the annual convention.
  4. Because this award is based on both fact and personal judgment, careful attention should be paid to recording examples of CA4WDC involvement and interest. Try and keep the decision making as objective as possible without mountains of forms or red tape.

Members of the Board of Directors are exempt from consideration.

Download award criteria