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  • An early CA4WDC membership booth displayCal4wheel was formed in 1959 by some four-wheelers who were getting tired of their trails being closed. They also wanted to host good quality events for their fellow four-wheelers, and to provide education in safe four-wheeling practices and trail conservation. Fast forward 50+ years and the battles are the same. The desire to play on public lands is as strong as ever, and more people than ever before have some form of off-road vehicle. Our opponents have also been busy those 50+ years and are just as strong now as they were in 1959.

    The bottom line: We need your help. We need your dollars to fight the legal battles. We need your time to help with events, committees and access issues. Dues are still only $45, which amounts to less than $4 per month for the benefits that we provide.

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Benefits of belonging...

  • As a member you receive a membership card, decals, and a dash plaque.
  • We will advocate on your behalf to keep public lands open in California and the western United States.
  • You receive our full color bi-monthly magazine, the In Gear. This contains information about club activities, legislation, events, trails, and 4WD products.
  • Eligibility to participate in all association-sponsored events.
  • The right to representation for voting on association matters through either your club, individual or associate member delegate.
  • Special email alerts on public land matters and related issues.
  • List of business associate members (many of whom provide discounts to association members).
  • Access to our annual club directory.
  • Discount on CalStar air ambulance membership. For more information visit calstar.org/membership. Be sure to use the group membership option and enter Cal4Wheel as the group name.

Membership Categories...

We'd like you to help us grow and invite you to join us. We offer several types of membership. To decide which one is right for you, take a look at the following categories:

  • CLUB - Our member clubs include many types of off-road vehicles. Lists of clubs are available on this website or by contacting our office. COST: $45 per year.
  • INDIVIDUAL - These members support four-wheeling without belonging to a club. Four-wheel drive vehicle ownership is not required. COST: $45 per year.
  • ASSOCIATE - These are businesses and other organizations who support and promote 4WD recreation. See this link for more info. COST: $60 per year and up.
  • PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP - These members are especially concerned about the future of four-wheeling. A one-time, non-refundable fee of fifteen (15) times the current dues amount for the applicable class of membership. COST: $675. An installment plan is available by contacting the office.

Membership Chairs

North District
Glenn Reynolds
Central District
Bob Wagers
South District
Terry Dean
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Join or renew for two or more years and get free Win-A-Jeep tickets