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Father/Daughter wheelin'

I grew up in the back of my family's Bronco, starting in a car seat. In September 2018, I revisited the Rubicon Trail, this time behind the wheel. My dad, Larry Stockton of the Joaquin Jeepers, is the best spotter I know and could guide me through anything day or night – which is what happened as we drove into the Rubicon Foundation property by headlights.

Wine Country Rock Crawlers trek to "Hell Hole"

Our yearly weekend in July is spent at Ice House Resort. We take over the Group Campsite and enjoy the beautiful area for a few days.

I belong to the Novato Elks Lodge #2655 and am their Bartender. With that job comes the bonus to get to really know my fellow Elk. For a couple of years, several have inquired on my taking them up to see what they hear of my experiences doing the Rubicon. One particular guy has been asking me to include him on one of my adventures. So, this last trip was a perfect opportunity for me to bring Jim along for the ride.

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