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Death Valley Experience


Russ Chung

Run Descriptions

We are offering several runs for all four days of the event that stage from either Stovepipe Wells or Furnace Creek. Visit the run descriptions page for more information. You will need your run choices handy for registration.
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Death Valley Experience

The misconception that the desert is all monotony and sameness is quickly obliterated in Death Valley. The light along roads such as Artists Drive paints cliffs all shades of gold and red, as well as blue and green. A four-wheel trek through Tutus (sic) Canyon in the Grapevine Mountains takes me past ghost towns and along harrowing ridges.

Andrew McCarthy, Wall St. Journal, March, 9, 2016

Cal4Wheel’s four annual Death Valley Experience will be held in March or April 2024 in Death Valley National Park and adjacent public lands. Each day will feature a choice of narrated, guided runs to some famous, some infamous and some secretive points of interest. Each evening will feature informative workshops and seminars about the park’s history and desert ecosystems. The event headquarters will be based in Furnace Creek, CA. Registration includes trail runs, delicious box lunches, an event shirt and the evening programs. Overnight runs include dinner.

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