Governing Documents Archive

Documents and forms pertaining to the operation of the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc.

Governing Documents Files

Bylaw Proposals - 2020

  • Changes to bylaws proposed for 2020.

Cal4Wheel Multiyear Strategic Plan

  • Multiyear strategic plan for the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. Adopted by the board in February 2015.

Delegate Credential Form

  • Delegate credential form for Cal4Wheel business meetings.

District Vice-President Duties

  • Page from the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regarding the duties of the District Vice-Presidents

Event Chair Handbook

  • Handbook to help event chairs.

Land Use/Adopt-A-Trail Form

  • Report your trail use and projects with this form.

New Club Kit

  • Thinking about forming a new Cal4Wheel club? This kit has everything you need to get started, including sample bylaws, guidelines, and safety tips.
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