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Cal4Wheels's official position on issues affecting access to public lands. You must be a registered user to view the downloads in this category.

Position Papers Files

AB 1077 Support

  • Position paper in support of Assembly Bill 1077 (2017).

AB1 and SB1 Oppose

  • Position paper opposing Assembly Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1 (2017)

Johnson Valley Position

  • Issue paper on proposed Twentynine Palms Marine Base expansion into Johnson Valley area. (2011)

Rubicon Trail Position

  • Cal4Wheel's official position on the Rubicon Trail.

S138 Position Paper

  • Cal4Wheel's official position on the Rubicon Trail. (2011)

SB249 Oppose

  • Position paper in opposition to Senate Bill 249 (2017)

Solar & Wind Energy Projects

  • Cal4Wheel's official position on solar and wind energy projects on public lands. (2011)

Wilderness Additions

  • Cal4Wheel's official position on proposed additions to Wilderness areas. (2011)
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