High Sierra Poker Run

  • September 4-7, 2020
  • Swamp Lake Trail
    Near Shaver Lake, CA


Steve Peckham

Ryan Rocha

Steve Egbert

High Sierra Poker Run 2018 Bald Mountain Run by itsdchz


  • Saturday - Bald Mountain "Extreme" Run
  • Saturday - Brewer Lake Run (includes lunch at the lake)
  • Sunday - Swamp Lake Run
  • Sunday - Bald Mountain Run
  • Sunday - Coyote Lake Run

Swamp Meadow during the 2005 High Sierra Poker Run.The High Sierra Committee is pleased to announce the addition of the Coyote Lake Trail to its lineup!

Now we have five runs spanning two days that will keep you entertained. 

Saturday Runs

Saturday’s lineup consists of semi-easygoing Brewer Lake trail or the more intense Bald Extreme run.

Brewer offers an easier environment that gets challenging right at the lake. Nice thing is you can elect to run all the way down to the lake, or stop just short of the lake to avoid the larger obstacles. It is up to you! With this run we also provide a hot lunch at the lake.

Our Bald extreme run mirrors the Moonlight Madness run but is held during the day. With the Bald Extreme run there is plenty of opportunity to test your rig out, but with options to go around the hard spots if you choose to do so, making it enjoyable for everyone. Please note that the Bald Extreme run requires at least one locking differential in the vehicle.

Sunday Runs

Sunday’s lineup consists of the Swamp Lake Trail, Bald Mountain Trail and new for 2019 Coyote Lake Trail.

Swamp Lake: The High Sierra Committee has been taking people across the Swamp Lake trail for over 30 years now. It is the heart of the High Sierra event and is one of the most scenic trails in the state. This trail will take most of the day and then some, but it is well worth the time. Please note that the Swamp lake Run now requires locking differentials in the front and the rear of your vehicle!

Participants at Bald Mountain Lookout during High Sierra Poker Run 2011. The Sunday Bald Mountain run is like Saturday’s run, but with less (hard) extreme spots. It is still a challenging run and one of the crowd favorites, but like the Saturday run there are a lot of bypasses that let you go around some of the tighter spots if you choose to.

The Coyote Lake trail is a high mountain lake hidden at the end of the Red Lake 4x4 Trail. Coyote Lake Trail is a challenging, rock crawling 4x4 trail that runs from Red Lake to Coyote Lake. Rock crawling, swimming, fishing, camping and lake side relaxation in the high mountains of the Sierra National Forest make for one of the most rewarding trails you can run. Rock obstacles, dense forest, and two lakes make Coyote Lake Trail a prime destination for the seasoned wheeler looking to get off the grid. Please note that the Coyote Lake Run requires at least one locking differential in the vehicle.

UTV runs

The Brewer Lake, Coyote Lake and both Bald Mountain runs are UTV friendly. Only Brewer and both Bald runs are accessible from basecamp. For Coyote Lake you would need to trailer your UTV to and from the trailhead. Swamp is not recommended because it is a one-way event. 

Five trail options over two days with dinner, raffle and fun games on Saturday — making this one of the premier events in the Central District.

Additional Information

  • Under special permit granted by the US Forest Service High Sierra Ranger District.
  • Oversized vehicles are not recommended on Swamp Lake Trail or Coyote Lake Trail.
  • Traction aiding differentials in either front or rear will be required for Bald Extreme and Coyote Lake Trails.
  • Traction aiding differentials in front and rear will be required for Swamp Lake Trail.
  • Both Bald Mountain runs and the Brewer run are UTV approved and accessible from base camp. The Coyote run is UTV approved, but the UTV will need to be trailered to the trail head. The Swamp Lake run is not recommended for UTVs due to the need for a trailer at one end of the trail.

Event Schedule

Subject to change


  • 6-8 PM
  • 6-8 PM


  • 8 AM - 12 PM
  • 8AM - 10:30 AM
  • 10 AM
    Bald Mountain Extreme
  • 10:30 AM
    Brewer Lake Run (includes lunch at lake)
  • 2-4 PM
  • 2-4 PM
  • 6-7 PM
  • 7:30 PM


  • 7-8 AM
  • 7:30 AM
    Swamp Lake Trail Run
  • 9 AM
    Coyote Lake Run
  • 10 AM
    Bald Mountain Run


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