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Panamint Valley Days


Bonnie Ferguson

Jeff & Ruth Godde


Panamint Valley Days 2023 Cancelled

After speaking with my co-chair Jeff Godde and our run coordinator, Mary Grimsley, reading the emails from our permit coordinator, Shirley Bramham and reading the report and viewing the photos from Dirk Starksen, as chairman of Panamint Valley Days 2023, I am officially cancelling this years Panamint Valley Days.

It’s with a heavy heart that I make this decision. With Death Valley closed and most if not all of the trails we use sustaining major damage, and not knowing if or when our major roads and our trails will be repaired/fixed, this decision was not made lightly.

Our safety was also a factor in this decision. We cannot expect to have all the damage repaired within a few weeks.

There are a lot of things that must be taken care of months in advance: ordering porta-potties, t-shirts, dash plaques, programs, raffle prize requests, etc. that cannot wait until the last minute, to see if our permit will be issued or if the roads and trails will be ready to use.

It’s a sad reality but a necessary decision. I know that our Association will take a financial hit, but it’s unavoidable.

Please go to the refund form and let us know if you want a full or partial refund. If you select a partial refund, the remainder will become a donation to Cal 4 Wheel.

Refund form:

Sincerely and with sad face 😢,

Bonnie Ferguson

Panamint Valley Days 2023 chairman


By Bonnie Ferguson

Come on out to this beautiful area featuring amazing sunrises and sunsets. The valley is ablaze with color.

This event is a fundraiser for Cal4Wheel. All funds raised go to support the daily operations of the association, as well as fund our natural resource consultants to help with conservation projects and the education of the public in the proper use of our beautiful outdoors and to keep our land open for all to enjoy.

There will be a good variety of runs to choose from, ranging from scenic, historic to hardcore four-wheeling and everything in between. There will be a run board listing all the runs and their descriptions in base camp.

You make the decision as to which run to go on. The Gear Grinders from Ridgecrest are in charge of the runs and their members can help you choose the run that’s right for you and your vehicle.

We will have a raffle on Saturday night. Be sure to purchase your raffle tickets so you won’t miss out on some great prizes – BFG tires or a Warn winch and so much more.

Come on out and enjoy this beautiful area, see the amazing stars and visit with friends and meet new ones. We may even get a show from the jets that fly around the mountains. They certainly are a sight to behold.


We have a variety of runs to choose from on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the event.

Difficulty ranges from mild SUV runs for stock vehicles, all the way up to hardcore four-wheeling.

For run descriptions and the schedule, visit this link

Be sure to check the board in base camp for each run's staging location.


All registrants receive one dash plaque, 1 raffle ticket, your choice of runs on Friday & Saturday, and camping Thursday through Sunday.

REGISTRATION - per vehicle
Vehicle registration -$60/$85
Vehicle registration + membership - $110
Add-on Escape from Death Valley run - $55
Extra dash plaques - $5
Camping fee (optional) - $5

Shirts - $20
Long-sleeve shirts - $25
Sweatshirts - $30
Hooded Sweatshirts - $35
Zippered Hoodies - $40
Youth shirts - $15

Panamint Valley Days 2012
Kevin on the Isham Canyon V-notch
Brennan Riddle

Escape from Death Valley

We'll retrace the path of the 49ers during our "Escape from Death Valley" run, which will a few days before the event and end just in time for the start of Panamint Valley Days.