How do I submit an In Gear article?

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Here are a few simple instructions to help you get started.

The In Gear is composed entirely of articles from our members, legislators, government officials and other very important people. To be part of our writing team, just follow these tips and you'll be on your way:
  1. Files from PCs and Macs are acceptable.
  2. Don't bother to format your articles. Just send them to us in a word processing or text file. We can accept files from most popular word processing software.
  3. Don't worry about your grammar, punctuation, spelling or typos -- we'll check it before it goes to print.
  4. Photos are encouraged, and very welcome. Prints should be scanned at 300 DPI, and no more than 4"x3" or so for articles, or at least 9"x12" for a cover shot. Save them as .eps if you can, otherwise .tif, .pcx or .pic files work. Digital photos should be at least 500KB or 4"x6" and taken with a good quality digital camera. Any graphics format is fine.
  5. All of your submissions should be suitable for family viewing and should depict safe and legal activities on the trail.
  6. Be sure to include your phone number and address so that you can be contacted if necessary.
  7. No submissions will be considered without the author's real name.

Attaching files to an email message:

Just compose your message like you normally would. Then, before you click the "send" button, pull down the menu in your email program that contains the word "attach file" (or something to that effect). Sometimes there's a button with a paperclip on it to use for this purpose.

In the "attach file" dialog box, find the file(s) on your hard drive that you want to send. When you are finished selecting the file(s), click okay and send your e-mail message like you normally would. Depending on how large the files are, if you did everything correctly, your computer will tell you that it is sending the files that you attached. Each one could take several minutes.

When you're ready to send your articles, email them to Don't forget the photos and captions!

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