Call Mark or BOD

5 years 6 months ago #171 by h2oskiin
h2oskiin replied the topic: Re: Call Mark or BOD
You are right I do not monitor these forums. I have an email address that any one of you could send to, but you chose not to. If you want answers in the South come to the district meeting. I will answer any questions you want face to face, but I will not answer people from behind a screen. Many of you that have posted are not exactly telling the truth because I have personnaly responded to many of you. I have answered every email I have received, and never once did I not respond to any question asked. Did the South lose a lot of clubs. Yes 22% to be exact. If you want more answers show up to the meeting, or email me direct, but do not hide behind a screen name.
Kerrie Graham
South District Sec/Treasurer

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5 years 6 months ago #173 by DennisDawg
DennisDawg replied the topic: Re: Call Mark or BOD
Kerrie, you have indeed communicated with me and done so wonderfully. However, we did not discuss some of the issues and suggestion I brought to the BOD. That was not your fault, but simply because they were not the topic at hand. However, you have always replied quickly when I wrote to you and you have done so in a proper, courteous and professional manner. Thank you.

Everything I have posted here and prior to this is true to the best of my knowledge.

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5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #174 by jsmith7364
jsmith7364 replied the topic: Re: Call Mark or BOD
Actually, If you are Dennis O'Brien, You gave some ideas, didn't get immediate results, and then when you didn't get your way immediately, you quit Cal4W.

Did you take a good look at the budget? When was the last time this organization was in the black on the budget over $1k? The 08/09 budget is the answer. This association has problems that we need well thought out answers and solutions. Without knowing all the details and history of some items, you can't know what is the best decision to make.

The other thing here that you and others keep forgetting or maybe don't understand is that the budget for Cal4W is different from any other budget that most people have seen. The Cal4Wheel budget doesn't have a fixed income. It is much easier to resolve a budget difference between income and expense when you know what your income is. Our income goes up and down. Membership, events, donations. Nothing is set in stone on the income side.

There is low hanging fruit that I believe will help the expense side of things. But there are things under expenses that can't be changed. So in the end, we will address those things that we can on the expense side. All suggestions are gladly received.

The thing that we can all make a difference on is the income side. Donations are great but that is not what I am talking about. Attend events, bring a friend, sell some sweepstake tickets. It is the small things that we all can do that will help because they all add up.

I am one person that is new trying to make a difference from within. And these issues have been ongoing for years. I welcome any and all help in that endeavor.

You state that you didn't put Cal4Wheel where it is. Actually, you did, we obviously all did. Pointing at those that allowed this is pointing at ourselves. Individual Members, Clubs, Club Delegates, District Officers, Association Officers. This problem belongs to all of us. Because we let it happen. Doesn't matter what the reasoning or excuse is, we let it happen as a whole.

And if anyone thinks this is not the case, ask yourself the following questions;

How many district meetings did you attend? And did you participate or just listen?
Did you review the previous year’s budget and ask questions? Make suggestions?
Did you attend Convention and the board meeting there?
Did you attend any board meetings?
Have you ever taken an active role?
I can honestly say prior to this last set of problems, I couldn't answer any of those questions with a positive answer.

I like most in the association felt that just being part of Cal4 was helping. It does help in many ways, but what we need it people participating and getting involved.
And there are a few, percentage wise that have been involved and been part of the process for a long time. Right or wrong, at least they are trying.

And pointing fingers will not resolve it. Getting involved, getting all the info and background and taking part in the process. That is the only way that this will get resolved. And to be honest, some of it can be addressable in the short term and some won't. It may take a year or so to get back on track. Anyone that thinks different should report for a urinalysis test.

Joe Smith
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5 years 6 months ago #176 by DennisDawg
DennisDawg replied the topic: Re: Call Mark or BOD
I did not quit CA4WDC, my club did and we all, as far as I know, left together as a club. That was the result of a vote. The vote came at the end of months of considering data from CA4WDC and others. You know that to be the case because it was presented to the BOD at the time. In our own club’s bylaws, the president does not even vote (only to break a tie and there was not one on this matter). So I didn’t even get to vote for or against my own departure from CA4WDC.

Further, none of what I presented as suggestions to CA4WDC were considered as part of the club’s process or vote. That was me, an individual, trying to help CA4WDC. What is germane here is that your assumption that I left because of displeasure as to speed at which my suggestions were accepted or acknowledged is incorrect, a lie, a cheap trick to deflect attention to me and one I find is rude.

When you were elected, during the Special Election Meeting, your pre-vote speech discussed your listening skills needing to be honed for the civilian world. In my opinion, having dealt with you some already, you were correct in that they need work, though as a veteran I would not blame the military to civilian transition. I encourage you to continue working on those skills. In their current form, they are most off putting and will likely negatively impact team building in the position for which you volunteered.

Why didn’t I volunteer more or do more? In that same the Special Election Meeting you stated you’d had limited involvement in CA4WDC in the past. Maybe my reason was the same. Maybe not. Maybe about 3000 CA4WDC members would have the same answer. However, my answer will not be shared today in hope that if people here are going to discuss issues, it be done in a less personal and more productive fashion.

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