Ocotillo Wells lawsuit

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Crmorse53 created the topic: Ocotillo Wells lawsuit
My first trip to Ocotillo Wells was in 1969. We jeeped from Ocotillo Wells to Yuma, never saw another person. Now when I go out I drive with my head on a swivel because people are coming at you from all directions and the reason why is the environmentalists have closed so much of our local deserts that the only legal places to ride or drive are so condensed. I saw the news report on TV and I thought how short-sighted those environmentalist are. They want to close the deserts off to the public (except for the hikers... don't get me started on those folks)and when they are successful they condense the areas to ride/drive, thus a smaller area is going to be impacted greater by off road use. I read one of the posts that stated the State Park employees (who are paid by us taxpayers) are too busy responding to emergencies during the busy weekends to enforce environmental violators and they are down to only four officers. I already pay for my 4 green stickers and my registration for my Jeep (which never seems to go down as it ages..hmm) and I pay for my permits fees when I am in Glamis and Gordon's Well, so where is that money going? Perhaps we should charge the hikers a "Hiker's Access Fee" or "HAF" Oh that's right, they're too busy filing lawsuits and besides their sandals don't do much damage because they have the whole desert to walk around in. Thanks for letting me vent and I'll be putting my money where my mouth is and be sending you guys money to fight this BS

P.S. I've been in a wheelchair since 1980 and I have Jeeped and rode my quad thousands of miles in the local desert and Baja and Baja Sur Mexico. I wonder if I and going to need me some "sandal-tires" in the future

P.S.S. the photo is from a Tecate to Cabo trip I did with my buddy (no support vehicle)

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4 years 3 months ago #308 by crazysuzy
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We now have a letter that you can write to your state legislators in our Action Center. The link is cal4wheel.com/action-center

It only takes a couple of minutes to send it.

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