June Landuse Update and News from Team Albright

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1. CA, RUBICON: Friends of the Rubicon are organizing work parties and weekends now. The season to continue saving this trail for all of us is here.

FOTR has been bringing on the blood, sweat and gears for 12 years now, fixing the trail, keeping erosion in check, making sure we can use the trail responsibly, and being a part of the governing bodies. Rubicon Trail Foundation is headed up the "officialdom" of FOTR efforts and making sure we have funding to get things done.
More here at (the new) website under construction: www.rubiconfriends.com

2. TRAIL TIP -- BE A FORCE MULTIPLIER: make your efforts really count. Here are some simple things we can do to help our governing land management agencies when budgets are tight. Muirnet highlights some great tips from Quiet Warrior Racing here: www.4x4wire.com/index.php/discussions/tr...e-a-force-multiplier

3. ENDANGERED SPECIES AND NEPA: Ever wanted to learn more about the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and how it artificially can be used to lock us out of public lands. Try this link on for size:

4. USA -- NATIONWIDE ALERTS: BlueRibbon Coalition continues to launch some significant landuse alerts and efforts to help us all, nationwide, keep our sports alive and well. They need your help. Join, renew or donate now to help keep the fun alive.

5. UNITED FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOC.: if you missed their May e-news, read it here to see what all they are doing for landuse and our sport of four-wheeling: www.ufwda.org/2013/05/may-2013-enews/

6. CA-NV: OCOTILLO WELLS LAWSUIT TO CLOSE US OUT! Two environmental groups have sued State Parks to close us out of open riding areas at the Ocotillo Wells SVRA where we do a LOT of off-roading. Help out; see what's up here: www.cal4wheel.com/southern-california--a...rs-at-ocotillo-wells

Del Albright

Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition www.sharetrails.org
Founding Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon www.rubiconfriends.com
Environmental Affairs, CA4WDC www.cal4wheel.com
Find us on Facebook here

BFGoodrich Tires Brand Ambassador; www.bfgoodrichtires.com

Contact Del at del@delalbright.com
Website: www.delalbright.com

Del Albright
Environmental Affairs,CA4WDC
Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition
Founding Trail Boss, FOTR
Leadership Trainer, RLTC

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