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May your holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays be special, safe and full of family.

Here are some landuse updates of interest.

1. TRAIL FOOD: I finished my research on trail snacks that we can buy from companies who DO support our lifestyle (as opposed to other snacks from outfits that would like to see us park our rigs). The winners are: The Wicked Good Snacks; Off-Road Jerky; Honey Stinger; and Nature’s Bakery in Reno, NV with their fig bars.

2. STATE UNIFICATION: State level cooperation, coordination, collaboration and unification has become more important than ever. Elsewhere on this forum is a step by step process to make that happen in any state.

3. CARNEGIE: The fight for Carnegie SVRA continues in CA with BRC leading the charge. Don Amador from BRC has been intimately involved in orchestrating our full use of this important riding area near the Bay Area of CA.

4. CLEAR CREEK: Clear Creek Management Area (asbestos issue) is another important CA fight and BRC continues to keep this fight alive. We are making progress but it is a tough battle.

5. UFWDA: November eNews from United Four Wheel Drive Associations here:

6. NAMRC: North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC) publishes its notes/minutes from the annual meeting:

7. NEW BRC BOSS: I am sure you know by now, but in my new role as Interim Director of Operations for BRC I have outlined 6 primary objectives for BRC and national landuse issues. You can find my statement elsewhere on this forum. I look forward to hearing from folks as to where we should be headed in the future for landuse.

Del Albright

Del Albright
Environmental Affairs,CA4WDC
Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition
Founding Trail Boss, FOTR
Leadership Trainer, RLTC

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