Richardson Lake Trail - 1 of the 42 closed

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The Richardson Lake Trail is now partially open. There is vehicle access as far up as the Pacific Crest Trail, which is past Richardson Lake.

Thanks go out to everyone involved!

For the volunteer work days, we had a good turnout. Five trailers and one full size pick-up moving gravel (gravel/dirt/binder mix - like road base) the first day and three trailers running the second day. I didn't count but probably 20 people the first day and 7 or 8 the next day.

The group built to rolling dips with the 'gravel', we covered about seven features with gravel, about 150' of trail. We hand moved rock so the FS could rock line the sediment trap at the first 'meadow'.

Once the gravel was dumped (Thank you RTF for the trailers, we had two working both days) the volunteers spread it to the depth required by the FS. The FS then sprayed it with water to activate the binding agent and then ran a 'vibra-plate' compactor over every square foot of gravel to pack it down. They were there very late on Sunday finishing that off, we left.

Special thanks to Mike for feeding us BOTH days.

The FS did install a fence further up the trail, past the last 'meadow' we fixed but before the last 'meadow' issue. They were to drive to the last meadow, turn around, drive down and place the gate at the first wide spot (to allow people to turn around) that was not a arch site.

We toured the last meadow on the 16th with the FS. A reroute will not be needed, they will fix in place. The second half of the last meadow was determined not to be a meadow and thus doesn't need to be fixed!

The ENF will try to use the contractor that Placer is using on the Rubicon this Sept. That means the bulk of the work could be done this fall! I'm expecting the trail will be open to the summit next summer. That's a full year sooner than anyone was expecting.

There is a full write-up with photos at

Doug Barr
Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s
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