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5 years 1 month ago #72 by JohnB
JohnB created the topic: Main page links

Might generate more traffic if the forum link was closer to the top of the main Cal4wheel home page.

I have now added it to my favorites menu bar to get to it faster, but before had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Cal4 page to get to the forum link.

Maybe make a other Cal4 links button that is actually a drop down with the forum and the other links from the bottom of the page.

Just an idea.

Good work here.

Thanks for getting a picture of my jeep as part of the background here.


Todd Ockert
Cal4Wheel Life member.
BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member.

Hanford Trail Busters club secretary.

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5 years 4 weeks ago #80 by suzy2
suzy2 replied the topic: Re: Main page links
Thanks Todd. There actually is a link to the forum on the news dropdown, but I do realize that it is hard to find. I'll be thinking about how to make it more visible.

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