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Jack Edwards at his desk
Jack Edwards was our first 'land use' representative.

Natural Resource Consultants

| Jack Raudy

Today the association has full-time, paid natural resource consultants who cover state and federal issues. They monitor legislation and the state’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division’s grant process, and keep members informed about ongoing issues. Natural resource consultants spend many hours away from home, hundreds of hours staying abreast of pending local, state, and federal legislation and maintain close liaison with all public land use agencies.

Natural resource consultants are asked to deal with numerous environmental regulations and controls. They work closely with the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the California Department of Fish & Game on many issues and projects. The association’s philosophy is one of being proactive instead of reactive.

One of the major wilderness issues tackled by association consultants was the Desert Protection Act. In concert and direction of the natural resource consultants, clubs took active stands writing letters and attending public meetings in opposition to the Desert Protection Act. Although they failed in fighting this act entirely, they were able to make a stand and question the issues behind establishing wilderness areas and the impacts on four-wheel drive opportunities. A good number of opportunities were saved because of the user involvement.