Four-wheelers check their vehicles to ensure they are safe


Since its inception in 1959 through the present day, safety has always been a paramount concern for the association. Safety experts conduct mandatory safety inspections for all vehicles participating in various association events. New association members receive safety pamphlets and are provided with information on trails and off highway vehicle parks prior to embarking on their trips.

In the late 1980’s, the association’s foundation submitted a grant application to the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission to begin operating a Four-Wheel Drive Hands-On Safety Clinic at the Hollister Hills SVRA. The grant was approved, and the Esprit de Four 4-Wheel Drive Club began its initial classes in 1990.

Subsequent grants were approved for safety clinics at Prairie City SVRA, which is orchestrated by the Capital City Mountain Goat Four Wheel Drive Club, and Hungry Valley SVRA. Since their beginnings, the clinics have taught thousands of neophyte four-wheelers the importance of understanding their 4X4 vehicle, building confidence, and learning how to navigate various obstacles off the pavement.

Students receive several hours of classroom instruction followed by memorable hands-on driving throughout the various off-road parks.

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