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Cover of a 1973 In Gear magazine

In Gear

| Jack Raudy

Since its formation in 1959, the association has had a publicity committee and various forms of trade publications to keep members informed.

In December 1959, the Jeep Association began publishing a mimeographed bi-weekly newssheet that was sent to all clubs. As is the case even today, the publication had its ups and downs due to the lack of stories being sent to the publicity chair. By 1960, the newspaper was being produced six times a year thanks to the generosity of the Lockheed Aircraft Employees Recreational Center.

Throughout the years and today, the association’s newspaper and later, a magazine, has proven to be an invaluable communications tool to keep members informed about upcoming events, potential land closures, club runs, and much more.

In December 2007, the In Gear took on total new look by becoming a four-color, bi-monthly magazine, replacing the In Gear monthly newspaper that had been a staple for many years.