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Webmaster's Award

Club websites are eligible for this award. The Cal4Wheel webmaster will judge this award. The club website must feature a link to the association's website (

Clubs applying for this award must submit a link to their website to the Cal4Wheel webmaster by December 31 each year.


  • 2011 Gear Grinders
  • 2012 Capital City Mountain Goats
  • 2013 Eastern Sierra 4WD Club
  • 2014 Clovis Independent 4-Wheelers
  • 2015 Santa Rosa 4x4's
  • 2016 Santa Rosa 4x4's
  • 2017 Tierra Del Sol
  • 2018 Four Wheel Drive Club of Fresno, Chris Catalano, Webmaster
  • 2019 Santa Rosa 4x4 Club, Chris Silveira, Webmaster
  • 2020 Esprit de Four
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