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Josh Epstein - Cal4wheel President
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Update From the President - May 18, 2024

Hello everyone! I hope this update finds you in great health and are out enjoying this awesome weather!

I have a couple of things that I want to get out to you all

June 2024 Board Of Directors meeting

We will be starting at 5pm on Friday, June 7th but will be going immediately into executive session and once done, will close up and go home. Saturday meeting starts at 9am and everyone is welcome to join. There seems to be some confusion on the location of the meeting as it’s NOT in Visalia but is at the office in Sacramento. If you have a proposal you would like to submit, please do so sooner than later and email it to me directly:

Hi Desert Round UP!

Is next weekend! I would love to see everyone there and please bring a raffle prize with you to help with both the kids and adults raffle. You can still register in person at the event, Memorial Day Weekend at the Slash X in Barstow California.

presupdate518In closing, something very important crossed my desk here in the past few days where someone, ill informed and un-educated found themselves using a 113 year old historic landmark in Death Valley to try and pull themselves out of the mud they shouldn’t have been in, in the first place. The California 4 Wheel Drive Association disapproves of this destructive activity and we support responsible off-roading and this does not represent all off roaders. We as Cal4Wheel support Tread Lightly and responsible trail management through grass roots volunteer groups

Education is so very important and issues like this can devastate the off-road community. Cal4Wheel strongly urges everyone to help to educate ALL off-roaders with proper trail etiquette so disasters like this do not happen. This has been a long, ongoing issue for quite a while and we need to reach more people and do it sooner than later. Things like this could cause huge ripples with the work Cal4wheel and many other organizations/people have been putting their lives into, forcing agencies to just close the area entirely to everyone! We cannot have that because land closure is not land management but with stunts like this, we’re essentially forcing their hands. What are your thoughts? How should I/We reach these people? Send your thoughts to:

…till the next update


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